Monday, June 29, 2015

It's Official. Tsipras Is Insane

Well, I've suggested it, but now it seems incontrovertible...Tsipras is crazy.

He's mocking Europe and threatening to wield the awesome power of the voice of the Greek people at the 11:59:58 hour. 

Like I said before, that's flogging them with a wet noodle...and the fact that the Greek people will vote to keep taking other people's money is hardly impressive.

The Tspiras government has woken up every day and asked, 'How can I poke in eye those whose money I need?'  How can that possibly be a good strategy?


It looks like it is over for Greece.  They lied, they cheated, they brow-beat, they guilted...but the end game is upon us it seems...they've run out of other people's money.

The only thing that could save them now is that the Eurocratic creditor troika doesn't like the looks of the fallout as they allow Greece to go over the falls and they pull Greece back with some magic tether.  It is a remote possibility and, frankly, the aren't worthy of it.  Sure it is tragic for the Greek people, but they've made poor choices in how they are governed, and need to face the consequences (the Greeks are not alone in this, btw, just ahead of the game).

I believe that the world was operating off of a flawed notion, that Tsipras was credible.  Truth is that SYRIZA's nature was hiding in plain sight.  Radical leftists take you where they want to go, regardless of whether that's really where you want to go.  There is a good argument that SYRIZA got elected on a protest vote, on a wave a dissatisfaction with previous governments, not on a positive vote for what SYRIZA actually believes.  But lefties don't care, they get elected by whatever means and they take you where they are going, all else be damned.

Let's hope that something good - and it certainly can - comes out of the wreckage.

Thoughts on Gay Marriage Ruling

It is not gay individuals marrying other gay individuals that will be damaging to American society, but it is the activist mindset around gay marriage that certainly will.

By insisting that everyone who is not hitting the ceiling in jubilation is an abominable bigot, the cause of gay marriage will tear the nation apart in a way that the actual practice will not.

Most Americans are people of goodwill and there are honest and thoughtful reasons to oppose gay marriage that are not evidence of bigotry.  One of those reasons is the totality of the human record.  No society, on any part of the globe, in any era, has sanctioned gay marriage formally as co-equal to heterosexual marriage.  Some people believe that in the aggregate experience of all those that have come before, there is, perhaps, a modicum of wisdom.  The notion that all humanity, for all time recorded, has been wrong is a tad arrogant and skepticism ought to be respected.  But not only is it not respected, it is labelled irretrievably bigoted.  So, the bulk of humanity for all recorded time = bigots; a relatively small numbers of Americans in the 21st century = the enlightened.

People don't like being called bigots and certainly so when they view things consistent with all of recorded history.  So much of the damage has been done, not by unleashing gay couples on society, but by branding the majority of us as irredeemable bigots. If the left wants to limit the damage, they can pocket their victory and go about everyday life with goodwill towards others who respectfully disagree.  However, I suspect they won't.  They'll continue to pile-drive us into conformity with their totalitarian accusations of bigotry.  This professor seems to understand where we go from here, alluding to "Cool Hand Luke" to hint at what it likely coming.
The revolutionary mindset that the Court has perhaps half-witlessly embraced means to eliminate all felt “stigma,” any trace of social “humiliation,” just so that everyone’s “identity” is equally valued.
Doing all that requires a lot more than just a fair shakedown at the courthouse. It requires getting all of our minds right. And so we should expect today’s decision to inaugurate the greatest crisis of religious liberty in American history. I am certain that it will.
 If Americans didn't appreciate being called bigots, they will appreciate being pounded into conformity much less so.  I'm afraid much social discord is headed our way.

I have no beef with gay marriage, but I don't like being called a bigot because I have no special brief for it either.  The left is never gracious in victory and I suspect "having no beef" will not be enough.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Prime Minister David Cameron said: "The people who do this do it in the name of a twisted perverted ideology."

STOP CALL THESE PEOPLE TWISTED...or cowardly or anything else!!   Stop calling them anything other than evil and SEND SOME F**KING COMMANDOS TO KILL THEM.

KILL THEM DEAD.  Doesn't matter who, doesn't matter where.  Find a couple aggregations of ISIS members and fucking KILL THE BASTARDS!

Stop with the words already!!!!!!!!!!

France Again

Just like those random folks at the deli, some random dude got his head chopped random, mind some random place.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Beginning of the End

Well, the SCOTUS has said, quite literally, 'we know the law says this, but forget it.'

Marry this event with the Rachel Dolezal stupidity, where even if you are white, you can be black.

Words don't mean what they say, facts can be what you claim them to be.  It's anything goes.

America is going to be one fucked up place to live in the next 20 years.  I can only hope we come to our senses.

King vs. Burwell

It will be little commented upon, but the SCOTUS, despite upholding ObamaCare on two occasions, is not impressed with it as a legislative achievement.
The Affordable Care Act contains more than a few examples of inartful drafting. (To cite just one, the Act creates three separate Section 1563s. See 124 Stat. 270, 911, 912.) Several features of the Act’s passage contributed to that unfortunate reality. Congress wrote key parts of the Act behind closed doors, rather than through “the traditional legislative process.” Cannan, A Legislative History of the Affordable Care Act: How Legislative Procedure Shapes Legislative History, 105 L. Lib. J. 131, 163 (2013). And Congress passed much of the Act using a complicated budgetary procedure known as “reconciliation,” which limited opportunities for debate and amendment, and bypassed the Senate’s normal 60-vote filibuster requirement. Id., at 159–167. As a result, the Act does not reflect the type of care and deliberation that one might expect of such significant legislation.
In other words, ObamaCare is a piece of crap, but it's your piece of crap America.

I have sympathy for this viewpoint, people should not be shielded from their poor electoral choices.  Roughly 55% of the country wants to destroy this country and/or is too dumb to know that they are destroying the country.  That's the way of the world.  Sucks, but we can hope for the best.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Obama: I Tried, But You All Suck

"Hope and Change" has become "Realistic Expectations and Resignation"

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Obama Quick to the Podium to Lie for Gun Control in Wake of Charleston

Bodies in Charleston are barely cold and Obama is pimping gun control.  He says that mass shootings like this don't happen in other countries.  Instapundit has typical pithy rebuttal.

It is worth noting further that Dear Leader is simply wrong.  Five minutes on the Internet machine tells you this is a bunch of crap.  Just some recent ones...Germany in 2009UK in 2010Holland 2011Belgium in 2011 too.  There was one mass shooting per year for several years in Finland.  And of course, there Anders Breivik's 2011 spree in Norway.  And this stuff happens in Asia all the time, we just never hear about it.

Suddenly Lefties Love the catholic Church

Before I got all busy-like for the day, I was going to post how fun it is going to be to watch all the lefties suddenly assert the absolute moral authority of the church now that Pope Francis is a hard care global warmist.

Lefties have despised the Catholic church for as long as anyone can remember and have denigrated its doctrine as pure, unadulterated evil for decades, but now it's all, "Hey, we gotta listen to the Pope!" 

Forget the church's position on gay marriage, forget abortion, forget birth control...those damn Catholic troglodytes!  Oh authority to force climate change policy upon nations to the detriment of their sovereignty and to squash free market systems..????  We LOVE THE CHURCH!!

Witness the spectacle.

Oh, and btw, we see through your ass...

Friday, June 12, 2015

Self Back Pat on Inflation

The "crappify" makes front page news.

Of course, I've been talking about it here for years...four years to be exact...

Smartest President EVAH !!!!!!!!!

Genius President at work...

Hey, I have an idea!  Let's take a policy whose benefits are hard to communicate to the general public (trade) and that Democrats hate, and let's push it and rely on Republicans, who eyes we've been poking sticks in for six years, to help us pass it.  And let's keep the whole thing secret!

This guy is an idiot.

The Polar Bear's Day in the Sun As Climate Change Poster Animal Is Over

Old and Busted Global Warming Climate Change Scare Tactic - The polar bears are dying!

New Global Warming Climate Change Scare Tactic Hotness - The polar bears are feasting...ON DOLPHINS!!!

Fear not for the damn polar bears...they're eating Flipper!  Stop Climate Change NOW!!!

Trigger warning: picture may not be safe for current crop of college-age ninnies who say "trigger warning".  Might also be a micro-aggression to people who think nature is like the opening scenes of Bambi.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

More San Francisco Craziness

San Francisco is considering mandating health warning labels on soda.


I've blogged about my quintessential San Fran story before.

OK, fine…put warning labels on soda, but how about a warning label for tattooing your scrotum or being whipped while tied to a giant spinning roulette wheel or piercing your labia…or, trust me I could go on…?????  These are dangerous too, nest pas?