Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Future Hits a Pothole

Well, the tech-Utopia that our elitist Silicon Valley maestros intended to bring has hit a pothole...Facebook has been co-opted in the peasant revolt that is the Trump presidency, and self-driving cars are running over people, killing them.


But the future is coming...um, er, stay tuned.  In the meantime, tweet or something...

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Presto! NY Times Turns Story About White-Owned Land Theft into Story About Anti-Muslim Bias

Absolutely nowhere in this NYTimes article does it mention that a) white South African farmers are under the threat of violence, that murders of farmers have been on the rise, b) the government's call for expropriation of land is identical to what occurred in Zimbabwe and resulted in widespread violence and numerous murders of white farmers and farm workers, black and white alike. 

You want the real skinny, you have to go somewhere else, like here.

Nope, no context at all.  But they did manage to smear the Aussies over what the Crimes feels is anti-Muslim bias.  Well done NYT.

On a final note, after the violent expropriation of white-owned farmland in Zimbabwe, agricultural production in what was once the "bread-basket" of southern Africa plunged and famine swept across the country.  Likewise, the key export crop, tobacco, which Zimbabwe was the sixth largest producer of in the world, fell to 20% of its 'pre-reform' levels.  Ironically, many white farmers, to avoid the violence, simply fled across the borders to Zambia, Mozambique or Malawi and contributed to agricultural booms there.

Well done, Ramaphosa.