Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ah Yes, That Quaint Little Beach Town

How and why did this rank propaganda get unleashed?

Inside the affordable beach town where the Miss America pageant takes place

"Affordable beach town"???

WTF.  Try...'sleazy, decrepit, bankrupt, union-run/pillaged, gambling' center.

Recently Appointed Nobody Sues POTUS

What?  Only a month or so on the job and she's suing the President of the United States...

Seems pretty bold to me.  Do you think that was why she was selected???  Hmm...

Monday, June 11, 2018

Trump to Canada: Vote This Putz Out

Yes, tactically it's very ugly, and it may well backfire...

...but what Trump is doing here is to encourage Canadians to vote Trudeau out of office next year.  That's why Trump's made a mockery of Trudeau's silly gender-focused G-7 summit and attacked the PM personally. 

Meddling in elections, say you?  Maybe (it's done all the time), but think of it this way...Trump is merely nudging Canadians to do what they kinda wanna do already.  Trudeau isn't all that popular.  Ontarians just elected Doug Ford, not just a political competitor to Trudeau's Libs, but more or less the antithesis of Trudeau.

The Loonie is in no great shape, so US-made goods are more expensive for Canadians.  Is it really worth it just to have a leader with boy-band looks to represent Canada on the world stage?  I doubt most Canadians think so. 

It can't be any fun to be insulted by the likes of Trump if your Canadian, but the raw truth is this...Canadians elected Trudeau in a fit of Obama envy.  Before they realized that Obama was an empty putz, it was too late.  But if you wanted an Obama-like leader then you have to suffer the pain of being walked all over, much like we here in the US did at the hands of people like Putin, Assad and others.