Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Throw Out the Decades Old Retirement Playbook

Watch this video of an interview with Wharton prof and stock market eminence, Jeremy Siegel.

He's saying what I said a long time ago, an entire generation can't rely (and shouldn't rely) on government bonds for retirement income and/or safety and security.  Blue chip stocks are probably as "risk-free" as a 10 year Treasury right now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Well, the death throes of Venezuela continue apace.  I will not reiterate how I've been predicting this for years because it was, well...predictable.  Where Venezuela is now is where ALL SOCIALISM ends.  Always.  Full stop.

And, frankly, the Venezuelans deserve their fate. They bought the bill of goods that Chavez and his criminal gang were selling for years.  Enthusiastically too.  They fell pathetically into a trance under the transparently cynical cult of personality that Chavez built around himself.  And they had the misery of nearby Cuba as well as the recent examples of the USSR and Argentina to learn from.  But learn they did not.  They were dupes of a world-historical magnitude...some of the greatest suckers ever to walk the planet.

Now the New York Times (and others in the liberal MSM, redundancy alert), who can't avoid the situation any longer (hey, where are Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte, and Bobby Kennedy Jr. now, huh??) are reporting on it, but in a classic libtard way.  Here is the Crimes reporting on the "public health" crisis.  Public health, huh?  Venezuela has an EVERYTHING crisis.  Yeah, a total meltdown of every aspect of society will affect healthcare, but yeoman work there NYT for finding a liberal hobbyhorse angle rather than the all-encompassing destructive force that is authoritarian socialism.

Other coverage seems to chalk Venezuela's problems up to bad luck in the form if collapsed oil prices.  Yeah, low oil prices hurt, but Venezuela's problems are not solely oil-related, they are, again, everything-related.  The entire economic system was wrecked by the destruction of productive capacity, both in physical and human forms.  This wasn't bad luck, it was a conscious policy crusade of the Chavistas, and oil was just the mechanism by which the Potemkin facade was propped up.

Many lessons here.  First and foremost, for Americans, is to see how the media aid and abet this kind of destruction, by turning a blind eye, soft-pedaling and obfuscating.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Yes...And Hillary Supporters Care About Issues...? Nope.

I've come around on Mark Cuban...used to not like him.  But he talks alot of sense these days.  Like this, RWT.  I've been thinking along the same lines recently, regardless of what you think about Trump, the Presidency is mostly about who the POTUS has around him.  Obama was dangerous at first because of those around him.  Once he was forced into hiring he B and C teamers, I knew he was done.  So, I find it intriguing that Peter Thiel is a Trump delegate.

And it would have been nice for Cuban to point out that Hillary voters don't really care about issues either, they just want a woman POTUS regardless of anything. 

Yes, Congratulations...

I think I mentioned that this would happen...

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Anoy Librulz...Eat Mor Chikin

When will these dickheads realize that when they pontificate to us (aka pander to their small and shrinking base), we do the OPPOSITE of what they want.

I predict a land office business at the NYC Chik-fil-A stores in days to come.

Constitution? Didn't Stop Obama, Why Should It Stop Trump...

Team Journolist (aka Bloomberg News):  "The Constitution Won't Stop President Trump"

It didn't stop President Obama, why should we now assume that future POTUSi would go back to the status quo ante?

Conservatives have been warning about the dangerous Constitution-weakening precedents that Obama has unleashed for seven plus years, and suddenly now lefties are all starry-eyed about our founding document?  Whatever comes, you can choke on it Feldman.