Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Again: Let Greece Fail

I said it before and I'll say it again - in light of recent electoral results - let Greece fail.

The Greek electorate has empowered a wet-behind-the-ears socialist to play chicken with all of Europe and, particularly, Germany.  They are betting that the political class in Europe loves their little experiment in massive centralization of government so much that they will fork over untold sums of money to keep it going.  Europe may well cave, which means the Greeks have bet correctly.  But the ransom is pretty high and will cause a massive amount of resentment towards the often perceived lazy and wasteful Greeks.  That is in addition to the defiant and entitled manner in which the Greeks pulled went about it.  They told their financial sponsors to bugger off in so many words.  Not smart.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Lovin' Bibi and Boehner Getting Under Obama's Famously Thin Skin!

Bibi Netanyahu is too classy (or in fact just plain normal whereas the Obama apparatus is particularly de classe), but by accepting Boehner's invitation to speak before the House, he essentially saying, if it were expressed in Obama-ese, 

"How's this for chickenshit, bitches?!"

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shocker: Austerity Was Phony

I told ya' so. 

The Big Lie over in Europe for the last few years has been this notion of "austerity".  First that it is happening and second that it is really, really bad.

Of course, I've been telling you that nothing even remotely close to what can reasonably be called "austerity" is happening anywhere in Europe.  Because that is what is needed, thus there was no way it was going to happen. 

And now we are finding out that, yeah, maybe it was all phony all along...

Innovating Around ObamaCare

Yeah, oh so innovative - want my expertise?  Pay me cash.

Did I predict that ObamaCare would prompt doctors to move to a "cash on the barrel" business model?

Yes I did.

HT Mark Perry.

Nobody's Asking You To

"I’m tired of suppressing myself to get along with white people."                     

Then don't.  Be the angry, racial antagonist that you want to be and see how you fare in a society that basically runs on mutual self-interest, cooperation and norms of behavior.  You can be who you want to be, you just can't have things that your demeanor walls you off from.  For example, this guy was/is free to be who he wants to be, although he probably won't get a job in banking or teaching kindergarten.  Choices, Madame.  Choices.

Finally! Crook Pol Gets What's Been Coming

I have long informed non-NY readers here that the two most execrable, awful, terrible, loathsome and downright disgusting "public servants" that we have here in New York are Sheldon Silver and Charles Barron.

Well, good news.  At least one of them was indicted today on federal corruption charges.  Although not without having been able to wreak havoc and destroy vast swaths of New York state's economy for 20 plus years.  Small consolation seeing Shelly in the clink.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is the Pope Catholic?

That's funny.  I distinctly recall that the Catholic wedding ceremony calls upon couples to "accept children lovingly from God."

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Could the Paris Islamo-Massacre Get Any More Ridiculous?

So let's add some additional pieces to the puzzle of the Charlie Hebdo/HyperCacher Islamo-massacre festival that went down in Paris.  Apparently, the killer in the kosher supermarket operation, despite being a convicted felon, took out a consumer loan, went to Belgium and bought guns and weapons basically out in the open.

So, let's break this down while looking at it from 30,000 feet:  European leftists aren't winning enough elections, so they import millions of Muslims from poor countries, hook them on welfare and when they inevitably become unhappy, they radicalized and adopt a murderous form of religious zealotry.  The system essentially hands them resources with which to buy weapons, which, by the way, are strictly controlled and putatively impossible to own by the broad public in the name of safety.  They go on killing sprees, targeting citizens and vital institutions (journalistic enterprises), and law enforcement responds with unarmed policemen on bicycles that run away.  After the fact, the elites in power deny that these events had anything to do with a murderous religious ideology and make meaningless gestures to make everybody feel good and further restrict the activity that the murders were trying to 'dissuade'.

They say that advanced societies don't die, they commit suicide.  If that little view from 30,000 feet doesn't describe societal suicide to you, I don't know what does.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lettermanesque Top 10 Reasons Eric Holder Didn't Make the Rally...

Background here.

10.  "I got lost…everything is in a foreign language, you know."

9.   Croissants!

8.   The French are a nation of cowards.

7.  Who gives a fuck, no blacks got killed.

6.  I'm actually cool with jihadism.

5.  Joe Biden was driving.

4.  The French don't like me because a black man is in the White House.

3.  Do know how hard it is to a Diet Coke on ice in Paris?

2.  Republican obstructionism.

And the number #1 reason Eric Holder didn't make it to rally…

1.  Fuck work, this is my one last vacation at taxpayers' expense.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Told Ya So - Global Warming Is Dead

I told you that the Chinese and the Indians don't believe in global warming.  Even if they did, which they don't, they wouldn't care, they'd choose development over reining in emissions.

Without India and their 1.2 billion people on board, the global warming policy express goes nowhere.  Told ya' so.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

November Election Pays Another Dividend

The 2014 election (actually, it's much more than that) is the gift that keeps on giving...Barbara Boxer will retire in 2016.  Being in the minority is no fun, and Babs will have none of it.

While there is no doubt that loony Californians will send another Democrat to the Senate at such time, there is at least a chance that they will send someone who is not bat-shit crazy like Babs Boxer.  The Senate could perhaps be just that less crazy as a result.  Such an outcome constitutes incremental progress such as it is, and in this day and age we can hardly afford to sniff at that. 

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Kennedys Prevail - Massive Alternative Energy Project Down In Flames

Cape Wind in "cardiac arrest". 

The Kennedy clan will be happy, their views remain intact. 

Why do rich, dynastic, northeast liberal families hate the planet???

Religion of Peace Strikes Again

OK, so the Religion of Peace has struck again.  Ho Hum.  The West continues to sleep.

What interesting angle can we take on this Paris shooting?  Well, maybe if the Obama administration called it terrorism, that may be interesting, but they didn't.

What is interesting?  According to eyewitness reports, French police showed up on bicycles, unarmed, and then left.  Now that is interesting!

I'm not a fan of paramilitary police forces or tactics, but these French gotta get with the program.

UPDATE:  Of course out have come the hashtag slogans and meaningless platitudes and statements of solidarity.  Fine, great, blahblahblah.  When are we going to learn that we have to kill these people to make this stop.  We know were Islamic terror cells are, we need to annihilate every one that we know about urgently.

UPPDATE:  Looks like France has its version of the Tsarnaev brothers, which should lead to the question that VDH asked after the Boston Marathon bombing, are we in such bad shape that we needed the Tsarnaev family here in America?  What did France need with the Freres Kouachi or their parents?

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Sexual Misconduct Cheka Has Gone Off the Deep End

Seriously people, these sexual misconduct charges are getting ridiculous...Alan Dershowitz?  Really? 

First you expected us to believe the three hour brutal gang rape while rolling around on broken glass, only to have the victim dust herself off, sneak out the side door unnoticed, and take a pass on a hospital visit.  Now you expect us to believe that Alan Dershowitz was part of an elite clientele partaking of a half-assed pimping operation?  C'mon.  Bill Clinton, sure.  JFK, definitely.  But Alan Dershowitz?