Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Religion of Peace Strikes Again

OK, so the Religion of Peace has struck again.  Ho Hum.  The West continues to sleep.

What interesting angle can we take on this Paris shooting?  Well, maybe if the Obama administration called it terrorism, that may be interesting, but they didn't.

What is interesting?  According to eyewitness reports, French police showed up on bicycles, unarmed, and then left.  Now that is interesting!

I'm not a fan of paramilitary police forces or tactics, but these French gotta get with the program.

UPDATE:  Of course out have come the hashtag slogans and meaningless platitudes and statements of solidarity.  Fine, great, blahblahblah.  When are we going to learn that we have to kill these people to make this stop.  We know were Islamic terror cells are, we need to annihilate every one that we know about urgently.

UPPDATE:  Looks like France has its version of the Tsarnaev brothers, which should lead to the question that VDH asked after the Boston Marathon bombing, are we in such bad shape that we needed the Tsarnaev family here in America?  What did France need with the Freres Kouachi or their parents?


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