Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Again, Lefties Mis-Diagnose Gun Ownership Roots

Our old pal Francis Wilkinson shows up again to spout his ragingly biased nonsense somewhere other than Bloomberg News.  And this time he's talking guns.  I only highlight him (he's not worth engaging really) to play up a point that I made somewhat recently.
 Byron York attributes Kentucky and West Virginia GOP wins to guns, coal and freedom.  Fine, I happen to like all of those things.  I think each GOP win had something to do with at least one of those...most likely freedom  (n.b. what liberals don't understand is that guns are a subset of freedom).
Wilkinson's is a classic of the genre, he gets wherefore we are tending but fails to examine why.
“Despite a long-standing decline in violent crime and recent political victories for gun regulation in Washington State and elsewhere, gun culture in the U.S. continues to grow more aggressive. If the recent Pew survey is correct, it may also be growing more popular.
(Note: FW might be up for a Fox Butterfield Award here, but that is someone else's bailiwick...and not to pass up a trademark of another marquis blogger...wait, more guns, less crime?  someone should write a book about that perhaps...)

Anyhow, my point is that liberals continue to fail to see guns as a subset of freedom.  It isn't actually "gun culture," sinisterly jammed upon us by the NRA, that is the root of Wilkinson's dread; it is "freedom culture" that has been on the rise recently - the tens of millions of founding era books that have been sold these last many years, to the political rise of the Tea Party, to the plunging credibility of Congress and loss of faith in government at all levels.  You see the manifestations of increasing fear and distrust of government and a reawakening of concerns over our level of freedom nearly everywhere you turn (the political careers of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are entirely owing to this phenomenon).  Gun ownership is just part and parcel of the overall trend, a more pronounced statement than, say, Lemonade Freedom Day, but emanating from the same concerns.  But liberals need the Big Lie and the Big Evil White-Guy Organization (so they can say "shut up"), thus they continue to misunderstand what is happening in the country.


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