Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Shellacking 2.0

Well, who knew that Massachusetts, Illinois, and Maryland voters were so racist.

Other observations, I guess the "coalition of the ascendant" had a tough time taking flight from Mom and Dad's basement, or something.

The Senate win was fairly predictable, the Democrats governed poorly and campaigned insultingly.  The states mentioned above, solidly blue at most if not all times, seem to have soundly rejected what Walter Russell Mead calls "the blue model".   Maybe, we'll see.  Certainly, in Illinois, things couldn't have been more mismanaged, voters clearly wanted a new direction.  Massachusetts and Maryland might be cases of uninspiring candidates on the Dem side.  Even if you are a hard-core Dem, I not sure that Martha Coakley fires you up.

I'll have more...
UPDATE:  BTW, a day or two removed from the election, no less a student of American politics than Michael Barone said that Obama would leave the Democrats in shambles.  Fine.  Good prediction Mike.  However, I made that prediction years ago.

UPPDATE:  Byron York attributes Kentucky and West Virginia GOP wins to guns, coal and freedom.  Fine, I happen to like all of those things.  I think each GOP win had something to do with at least one of those...most likely freedom  (n.b. what liberals don't understand is that guns are a subset of freedom).

UPPPDATE:  And this just in from my source deep within DC (the guy who told me years ago that Obama was a spent force in DC)...1) a GOP Senate intensifies the civil war within the party (think Ted Cruz/Rand Paul versus Establishment types), 2) Obama really unleashes the leftist Kraken, intentionally provoking crises so that the GOP can't govern and do policy, 3) Senate Dems will have a difficult time adjusting.
UPPPPDATE:  I just ought to note that it is a somber day here in NYC, wot with the virtually assured poisoning of our water supplies and closing of schools and forced indentured servitude that is sure to come from a GOP-led Senate.  To my fellow New Yorkers, I can only add this consolation, at least Sarah Palin isn't President...


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