Monday, October 27, 2014

NY Times: Geez, NY Has Alot of Gun-Loving Rubes

The NY Times has a typically arrogant treatment of 2nd Amendment defenders in the Empire state, but at least they are getting around to talking about a key element of the gubernatorial race just a few days from Election Day.

Of course, I've noticed this and commented on it, well before the race even got started.  Those maps that didn't show up are here - BTW, what shows up green on the map is what the Crimes labels "large stretches of upstate New York." 

Those "upstaters" (read: normal Americans, the likes of which the NY Times loathes) are outnumbered 12 million to 8 million by some of the most leftish citizens and/or the most powerful union/municipal machines in the country, which is why their local economies are hollowed out zombies of a bygone era and they've had their rights taken away from them.


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