Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Feel Somewhat Vindicated With All the "End of Obama" Stuff

Remember the many times I said that when all is said and done, Obama will have severely tarnished, if not outright ruined, the Democrats brand (although they helped enormously by latching on to the Obama phenomenon).

Well, for the first time ever, a major news poll has Dems below the 40% approval threshold.  Make no mistake about it, this is Obama's doing.  Sure he had Pelosi and Reid's help but they were doing his bidding, they saw the party as his and they ran their respective fiefdoms under that presumption.

So, "I told ya' so" number 1.

Next, the headlines declaring the final bursting of the Obama bubble are poring in fast and furious (pun intended), so let me restate yet again what I have said over and over...Obama did not disappoint, he delivered exactly what he was capable of delivering.  He was always ever destined to be terrible, a mediocrity at best, but more likely a true failure.  History will not ponder why he was so small, it will ponder why we made him so big. 
Why we expected a man with no discernable track record or proven record of leadership to lead and to achieve in the name of this massive and complex society is a story of historical proportions. Did we think that plucking just any man off the street - essentially what we did - to wield enormous power was wise?
Finally, I also want to highlight, yet again, that I called it - "pig in a poke" - on November 19, 2008.  That is about as early a call as is out there.

Oh, and there is this...
Us conservatives have said, time and again, that this is precisely what you get when you elect a man such as Obama.
- When you elect a man that has never had a real job, you will not get economic vitality
- When you elect a radical Alinskyite Chicagoan, you will get unsavory, bare-knuckled politics, not unifying optimism
- When you elect somebody nobody knows anything about, you will get unpleasant surprises
- When you get someone who disparages America, you will get policies that hurt America
- When you elect a man who has achieved nothing save getting elected, you will get nothing but campaigning
They've called us crazy for years.  How dare you call Obama incompetent.  How dare you call him empty. How dare you call him feckless in foreign policy.  How dare you call him economically ignorant.  How dare you call him thuggish.  How dare you call him radical.  How dare you call him narcissistic  How dare you.
I patiently await the apologies from lefty twits who let fanboy euphoria dictate the direction of this great and historically consequential country.  Dickheads.


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