Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Deep Blue Philly Cancels Teachers' Contract, Says "Pay Up" for Benefits

One more milestone has been passed in the slow-rolling, but inevitable, crash of what Walter Russell Mead calls the "blue state model".  The school district of Philadelphia has unilaterally cancelled its contract with the teachers' union and forced them to pay more for their benefits.

Of course, all hell is breaking loose and the rhetoric is as one would expect from the far reaches of leftism (i.e. paying $50/per month makes you an indentured servant, much the same way that the lack of free birth control is a war on women or not allowing unlimited immigration is racism, etc.), and yet these poor bastards don't even know that this is a first step, a mere beginning the cratering and retrenchment that must befall the numerous bankrupted hives of progressivism from Detroit on down the line. 

I've said that Philly and Chicago and LA are next.  A robust economy could have postponed these time bombs for longer but, well, Obamanomics was never going to achieve that despite their fervent desires.  More to come.


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