Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top General Contradicts Obama

Pretty much all news outlets this morning are reporting one version or another of this headline,
"Top military official opens door to ground troops in ISIS fight, despite Obama pledge".

While this is not a full-blown rebellion, in the world of Washington DC and big-time military politics, this is a significant instance of insubordination.

Now, I predicted something along these lines, although a tad more conspiratorial.  My general theme was that there was significant dislike, to put it mildly, of Obama among top military brass.  (I'm not talking just a handful of generals, but a pervasive resentment and distaste for Obama's worldview among the highest echelons of the military.)  With that background, I said that if Obama chose to ignore a SIGNIFICANT threat to the US or looked to be making a CATASTROPHIC blunder in decision-making, that there would be insubordination to some degree or another by the generals.  Here were my exact words:
I have heard, through my sources who don't talk loosely or lightly, some pretty outlandish speculation that there are those inclined within high US military command that could (not intent but inclined, not would but could, as in depending, maybe, and I'm hedging 'til the cows come home here) deploy US military assets in assistance to Israel in the absence of such a command from President Obama. Yes, it is crazy but the danger is so great, the implications so vast, and the viewpoints so at odds that, well, who knows. One source has even told me that in such a scenario, the US military would act and give Obama the opportunity to say he went along after the fact so as to keep civil order here at home and preserve the appearance of legality.
That was a significant speculation (but informed speculation), and I was talking about war between Israel and Iran; but, the point holds - in the event of a significant threat and the likely event of a catastrophic non-decision by Obama, the military could go a tad rogue.  Were Obama to be highly unpopular, as he is now, such a course of action by the military would be much easier to pull off.

Is this what is going on?  We have the Islamic State, which appears to be as significant a threat as we've seen in a while; we have an unpopular POTUS who has clearly chosen to do the bare minimum to address the threat...hmmmm....


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