Tuesday, September 16, 2014

RG3 Should "Rozelle" Goodell

Although a life-long pro football fan, I'm giving less and less of a crap about the NFL everyday.  And none of it has to do with the antics of Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson or whoever the miscreant of the day is.  It's the unrelenting drive to appease the forces of political correctness that irks me, this being just the latest example

Contemplate that the NFL recent tribulations stem from going easy on a domestic abuser, and yet here they are suppressing a harmless, and arguably uplifting, message of religious faith.  Some say the NFL has an image problem.  Hey, want an easy, costless way to improve that image on the margin?  Let a decent, nice guy like RG3 where his Jesus T-shirt.  This is not the first time that the NFL was supine in the face of the progressive desire to expunge religious expression in the public sphere.  Sorry to say that the NFL deserves its troubles.

And, while my neighbor Roger Goodell is by all accounts a good fellow and a more competent executive than not, he deserves the "Rozelle headband" treatment on this one.  Fortunately for him RG3 is classier individual than Jim McMahon.


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