Friday, August 26, 2016

Ugh. Why Do Lefties Still Advocate Theft?

I thought I squashed this years ago, but the asinine notion will not go away...

RTWT but here is the beginning...
What exactly is "healthcare"? I will start with the simplest input. It is the knowledge and experience of healthcare professionals - doctors, nurses, EMT technicians, etc. Where does this knowledge come from? Schooling. Lots of very expensive schooling. Granted medical school students are readily financed, but the ultimate financial obligation rests with them, they have invested in ("bought") the intellectual capital of a medical education. It also comes from rigorous on the job training.
and ending...
How did we ever get to the point where we feel that the real cost of all of these inputs (education, land, labor, invention) must be ignored? We blithely bandy about the word "healthcare" with all of its connotations of life and the individual and we think nothing of advocating stealing what is somebody else's property, which is exactly what we do when we invoke the need for "healthcare" at anything less than the full market value of all that it takes to provide it?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Clintons: On Second Thought...

As recently as this summer, the foundation was discussing with some allies plans for Chelsea Clinton to leave the board, along with former President Bill Clinton, if Mrs. Clinton should win. But on Wednesday, foundation spokesman Craig Minassian said Chelsea Clinton plans to stay on the board. Mr. Clinton told donors he still plans to leave.
While the parent Clinton Foundation will stop accepting money from foreign governments and corporations, the foundation’s largest project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, might continue to accept foreign government and corporate funding, Clinton health initiative officials said Wednesday.
Another - more truthful - headline for this article could be...
"Team Clinton Looks at Polls, Says 'Screw Critics, Keep Foundation Rocking' "

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Phony Intellectual Posturing Justifies Screwing that Was Always Going to Happen

It was only a matter of time before the Keynesian Doves at the Fed abandoned all pretense of prudence and went the Full Monty - seeking to abandon the constraint of inflation targets and institutionalizing the low-interest rate assist they have been giving to BIG GOVERNMENT.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President John Williams called for monetary and fiscal policy makers to rethink the way they operate, saying America is getting a taste of a new economic normal that warrants a change in orthodoxy.
This is the monetary policy equivalent of Jimmy Carter's malaise speech.  Don't believe me?
He’s also the second Fed policy maker in two months to suggest a major break with how the U.S. central bank conducts itself. The St. Louis Fed’s James Bullard on June 17 announced that he would stop submitting long-term economic forecasts and lowered his rate projection to one hike in 2016 and none during 2017 and 2018, based on his thinking that the economy is in a new, low-productivity and low-growth regime.
Never mind that the Lightworker has saddled us with $8 trillion more in debt and tied us down, Lilliput-like, with ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank and the uncertainty of gangster's your fault, lowly American worker, you just ain't that productive anymore.  Thus, your retirement savings can earn you BUPKIS!!

All is proceeding as I have foreseen.  The Leviathan is gobbling up the resources of the private sector as fast as it can, hooking vast segments of society onto the government teet, paying for it all with gobs of debt that they intend to inflate away.  Here and here are just a smattering of my calls.

Inflation is coming because inflation is how we avoid collapse.

The Underclass Will Tell You the Truth...It's All a Shakedown

Weave?  "We need our weave"...???

Excuse my rampant honkiness, but what the fuck is this loser talking about?  I hope it is some urban slang for 'economic betterment' rather than a reference to the hairstyle.  You want to sow destruction and violence to get resources to look better???

Wow, the civil rights movement really has fallen into nothing...

Monday, August 15, 2016

Ugh, Fired Comedian Tries to Make You Feel Guilty

I guess the poo-bahs at Comedy Central had to weigh the trade-offs between "unblackening" and "de-mediocritizing" their assets.

That's one "conversation" that never seems to make it into the so-called "national dialogue" about race that we keep hearing that we have to have - being black doesn't give a free pass if you suck, or at least it shouldn't.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Leftism 101

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the Left pours all of its hopes and dreams into any vessel that is trending at the time., Code Pink, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, yadayadayada...

That's why anti-war Code Pink can take a bold stance on gun control or why BLM can go after Israel.  These are just repurposed, catch-all mechanisms to keep the rage machine at full throttle.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Loathesome Cartel for Critical Product About to Break

Feel good story of the day:  Hideous cartel, instituted by a foreign government in order to keep prices high for their customers around the world while protecting a key industry at home, is starting to show signs of cracking due to the beneficent workings of the free market.


No, the maple syrup producers of Quebec.

And there is this tidbit:
Unsold syrup is sent to a strategic reserve in Laurierville, Quebec, the scene of a notorious 2012 heist.
Cartelization drove the price up and put government in charge, and guess what...there was corruption!  Insiders at the government-run warehouse made off with $18 million of the golden gooey stuff.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Death Spiral

I notice that even the WaPo is using the phrase "death spiral" to describe Venezuela's economic plight.

Remember folks you heard it here, maybe not first, but over and over and over...

Also, remember, the lefties will try to convince you that this is all about low oil prices.  That's BULLSHIT.  High oil prices allowed Venezuela to avoid, temporarily, the inevitable terrible  consequences of very stupid economic policies that were driven by a fervent, quasi-socialist ideology.  Low oil prices removed the ability to hide the disaster underneath.  There are low oil prices all over the world - Texas, North Dakota, Iran, Kuwait, Norway, etc.  Do we read about looting and food shortages in Norway?  No.  And, I'm pretty sure you can buy toilet paper in Calgary.  Don't let some lefty tell you this is about oil, it's about socialism.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Read Between the Lines

Jamie Dimon says that the economy could grow 4% under the next President, "with the right policies."

Translation:  The economy isn't growing that much because of the current President and the wrong policies.

I Could Have Saved Them All Those Words

"Political scientists have spent millions of words trying to explain how Appalachia and the South went from staunchly Democratic to staunchly Republican in less than a generation."
This is not a mystery.
"The left has mocked, derided and made the American South an object is its elitist disdain for decades.  As of November the Democrats have all but been swept from the South in toto."

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Is This the "Big Whoops" from the BioFuels Loons?

I've written alot about the ongoing stupidity of the ethanol mandate over the years (even going so far as to excoriate my man George W. Bush's sop to this mega-blunder).

Well, now we have what is perhaps the big "Whoops" on the whole ethanol front.  Apparently, the corn that one must grow to produce ethanol is requiring too much pure, unspoiled land.
Environmentalists who once championed biofuels as a way to cut pollution are now turning against a U.S. program that puts renewable fuels in cars, citing higher-than-expected carbon dioxide emissions and reduced wildlife habitat.
More than a decade after conservationists helped persuade Congress to require adding corn-based ethanol and other biofuels to gasoline, some groups regret the resulting agricultural runoff in waterways and conversion of prairies to cropland -- improving the odds that lawmakers might seek changes to the program next year.
"The big green groups that got invested in biofuels are tacitly realizing the blunder," said John DeCicco, a research professor at the University of Michigan Energy Institute who previously focused on automotive strategies at the Environmental Defense Fund. "It’s really hard for the people who really -- shall we say -- hate oil viscerally, to think that this alternative that we’ve been promoting is today worse than oil."
Wow.  It is almost as if lefties don't think through the consequences of their policies...

Actually, the nub is revealed in the last paragraph, greenies are so driven to rage by the thought of hydrocarbons that they can't think straight.  The whole ethanol idiocy has led to, principally, massive overplanting of corn which has meant higher food prices and natural habitat encroachment.  Way to go Exxon Haters!

RTWT, the greenies were wrong on every count - lower emissions, increase wildlife habitat, all of it.  It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.  But hey, let's listen to these dodos on the next big dumb idea.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How Bloomberg "News" Makes the Liberal Sausage

OK, here goes...liberal think tank comes up with a "simulator" that, no matter what inputs you enter, spits out results that say we need more liberal policy.  That's step 1.  Step 2 is that a "news" agency that is somewhat famous for coordinating with liberal actors in government and politics, publishes this "simulation" as news, even going so far as to pretend it is true, until the third paragraph, where they tell you it isn't true, but that you ought to believe it anyway.

This is how the news gets made folks...
A real estate developer wanted to increase affordable housing in Denver, trying to make fiscal sense out of a plan to build rental apartments for people making only 30 percent of the area's median income—the kind of housing America desperately needs. He discovered that, no matter what lever he moved or compromise he made, he was going to need some money from the government to make it work. Then he was going to need some more. 
Almost one in four U.S. renters spends more on housing than they can afford, according to a report in June from Harvard University‘s Joint Center for Housing Studies—and the problem gets worse at the lower end of the income spectrum. About 10 million renter households earn 30 percent or less of the area median income, accounting for a quarter of the renter population. The U.S. would need to add more than 7 million cheap apartments to meet demand from such extremely low-income renters, according to a recent report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition
“If we want to prioritize closing the gap for low-income households, we’re going to need more funding from public subsidy,” said Erika Poethig, director of urban policy initiatives at the Urban Institute, which published an online simulator Tuesday for the purpose of illustrating the challenges to building new affordable housing. Our Denver developer above is fictional, but he's an illustration of what that simulator churns out: No matter how you slice it, creating the affordable housing needed today probably requires government help.
Hey, how about this crazy idea...don't do it.  Maybe Denver shouldn't have affordable housing.  Maybe if no one can make it work, it shouldn't be done. 

Dumbest Idea of the Day (Shocker, Not From the DNC)

Wow.  An idea stupider than anything you'll hear coming out of the DNC coronation in Philly...Amtrak is going to re-launch a magazine!

Yes, crappy, money-losing, government run train service that people hate needs "long-form journalism"!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Why We Have Trump

THIS is why we have Trump.  Or THIS.

MSM elites can bitch and moan all they want about angry white males or Roger Ailes or any other hobgoblin of their obviously superior minds, but it is this sort of maddening leftist idiocy that gives rise to a guy like Trump.

If It's Happening In California...

As I have long said...probably the number one result of eight years of Obama (and Obamaism) is that America will be that much more armed to the teeth...and I don't mean the military.

Friday, June 10, 2016

So Clueless, It Has to Be Deliberate

"Dumpster diving isn’t a new phenomenon in Venezuela, but it is a growing one. Venezuela was once South America’s richest nation, but a fall in oil prices combined with other economic problems has sparked desperation."

That's REALLY what the article said - other economic problems - and ALL it said.  Not, "a deliberate policy program based off socialist ideology that has destroyed production of nearly all goods" but "other economic problems."  Why didn't they just say, "bad luck?"


Friday, June 03, 2016

Economic Numbers Make Obama Look Like as Asshole in Real Time

Love it.  The day after Lightworker Person says, effectively, 'you're an idiot if you think the economy is bad," we get a terrible jobs report, the worst in quite awhile.

Of course, no one monthly jobs report is decisively indicative, but this report continues a pattern of sub-par reports that have gone on for years, and reflects the continuing large gap between the U-3 and U-6 gauges.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Cash on the Barrel Healthcare Proceeding...

I've been saying it for awhile (here, here, here and here)...doctors will increasingly ditch insurance in favor of direct payment.  You, actual payment for or credit card...remember those? 

Remember, insurance isn't healthcare, it's only a means to pay for healthcare, you can have all the insurance you want and if a doctor wants cash, well...SOL for you!

All is proceeding as I have foreseen.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Throw Out the Decades Old Retirement Playbook

Watch this video of an interview with Wharton prof and stock market eminence, Jeremy Siegel.

He's saying what I said a long time ago, an entire generation can't rely (and shouldn't rely) on government bonds for retirement income and/or safety and security.  Blue chip stocks are probably as "risk-free" as a 10 year Treasury right now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Well, the death throes of Venezuela continue apace.  I will not reiterate how I've been predicting this for years because it was, well...predictable.  Where Venezuela is now is where ALL SOCIALISM ends.  Always.  Full stop.

And, frankly, the Venezuelans deserve their fate. They bought the bill of goods that Chavez and his criminal gang were selling for years.  Enthusiastically too.  They fell pathetically into a trance under the transparently cynical cult of personality that Chavez built around himself.  And they had the misery of nearby Cuba as well as the recent examples of the USSR and Argentina to learn from.  But learn they did not.  They were dupes of a world-historical magnitude...some of the greatest suckers ever to walk the planet.

Now the New York Times (and others in the liberal MSM, redundancy alert), who can't avoid the situation any longer (hey, where are Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte, and Bobby Kennedy Jr. now, huh??) are reporting on it, but in a classic libtard way.  Here is the Crimes reporting on the "public health" crisis.  Public health, huh?  Venezuela has an EVERYTHING crisis.  Yeah, a total meltdown of every aspect of society will affect healthcare, but yeoman work there NYT for finding a liberal hobbyhorse angle rather than the all-encompassing destructive force that is authoritarian socialism.

Other coverage seems to chalk Venezuela's problems up to bad luck in the form if collapsed oil prices.  Yeah, low oil prices hurt, but Venezuela's problems are not solely oil-related, they are, again, everything-related.  The entire economic system was wrecked by the destruction of productive capacity, both in physical and human forms.  This wasn't bad luck, it was a conscious policy crusade of the Chavistas, and oil was just the mechanism by which the Potemkin facade was propped up.

Many lessons here.  First and foremost, for Americans, is to see how the media aid and abet this kind of destruction, by turning a blind eye, soft-pedaling and obfuscating.