Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Throw Out the Decades Old Retirement Playbook

Watch this video of an interview with Wharton prof and stock market eminence, Jeremy Siegel.

He's saying what I said a long time ago, an entire generation can't rely (and shouldn't rely) on government bonds for retirement income and/or safety and security.  Blue chip stocks are probably as "risk-free" as a 10 year Treasury right now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Well, the death throes of Venezuela continue apace.  I will not reiterate how I've been predicting this for years because it was, well...predictable.  Where Venezuela is now is where ALL SOCIALISM ends.  Always.  Full stop.

And, frankly, the Venezuelans deserve their fate. They bought the bill of goods that Chavez and his criminal gang were selling for years.  Enthusiastically too.  They fell pathetically into a trance under the transparently cynical cult of personality that Chavez built around himself.  And they had the misery of nearby Cuba as well as the recent examples of the USSR and Argentina to learn from.  But learn they did not.  They were dupes of a world-historical magnitude...some of the greatest suckers ever to walk the planet.

Now the New York Times (and others in the liberal MSM, redundancy alert), who can't avoid the situation any longer (hey, where are Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte, and Bobby Kennedy Jr. now, huh??) are reporting on it, but in a classic libtard way.  Here is the Crimes reporting on the "public health" crisis.  Public health, huh?  Venezuela has an EVERYTHING crisis.  Yeah, a total meltdown of every aspect of society will affect healthcare, but yeoman work there NYT for finding a liberal hobbyhorse angle rather than the all-encompassing destructive force that is authoritarian socialism.

Other coverage seems to chalk Venezuela's problems up to bad luck in the form if collapsed oil prices.  Yeah, low oil prices hurt, but Venezuela's problems are not solely oil-related, they are, again, everything-related.  The entire economic system was wrecked by the destruction of productive capacity, both in physical and human forms.  This wasn't bad luck, it was a conscious policy crusade of the Chavistas, and oil was just the mechanism by which the Potemkin facade was propped up.

Many lessons here.  First and foremost, for Americans, is to see how the media aid and abet this kind of destruction, by turning a blind eye, soft-pedaling and obfuscating.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Yes...And Hillary Supporters Care About Issues...? Nope.

I've come around on Mark Cuban...used to not like him.  But he talks alot of sense these days.  Like this, RWT.  I've been thinking along the same lines recently, regardless of what you think about Trump, the Presidency is mostly about who the POTUS has around him.  Obama was dangerous at first because of those around him.  Once he was forced into hiring he B and C teamers, I knew he was done.  So, I find it intriguing that Peter Thiel is a Trump delegate.

And it would have been nice for Cuban to point out that Hillary voters don't really care about issues either, they just want a woman POTUS regardless of anything. 

Yes, Congratulations...

I think I mentioned that this would happen...

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Anoy Librulz...Eat Mor Chikin

When will these dickheads realize that when they pontificate to us (aka pander to their small and shrinking base), we do the OPPOSITE of what they want.

I predict a land office business at the NYC Chik-fil-A stores in days to come.

Constitution? Didn't Stop Obama, Why Should It Stop Trump...

Team Journolist (aka Bloomberg News):  "The Constitution Won't Stop President Trump"

It didn't stop President Obama, why should we now assume that future POTUSi would go back to the status quo ante?

Conservatives have been warning about the dangerous Constitution-weakening precedents that Obama has unleashed for seven plus years, and suddenly now lefties are all starry-eyed about our founding document?  Whatever comes, you can choke on it Feldman.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Problem Very Easily Solved

There is a very easy fix for this...

Shoot one down.  Or at least shoot and miss...but shoot.

Death Throes for Venezuela

Belmont Club Guy Richard Fernandez pens "Death of a Nation" in re Venezuela.

I've been saying this for awhile...always early but never wrong, baby (OK, sometimes wrong).

Also, there was an article on the other day that Venezuela was stiffing the printing companies that are printing up planeloads of bolivar notes.  Not good, at some point those guys will need to get paid or they'll cut Maduro off.  No more printing money, in Venezuela's situation, and the economy will crater into a barter system.

Finally, there is alot of misery in Venezuela, but we should have ZERO sympathy.  In fact we should cheer it. Chavismo is just another iteration of the inherently flawed organizing principle that is socialism, and we need constant reminders that it is a failure, lest we resurrect and maintain an enthusiasm for it in other parts of the world.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Obama and the Stock Market

Is Obama trying to take credit for the stock market returns over his tenure?  Looks that way.
“One of the constants that I’ve had to deal with over the last few years is folks on Wall Street complaining, even as the stock market went from in the 6,000s to 16,000 or 17,000,” he said, referring to the rise in the Dow Jones Industrial Average during his administration.
I can't update my analysis on this just now, but let me reiterate my basic thesis about Obama and the stock market: 1) what, in general, has been bad for Barack Obama has been good for the stock market; and, 2) the stock market expected 3 very bad things to come of the Obama era, and when it became apparent that only one would materialize, it rose on the reduction of fear rather than on a wave of optimism.  My key posts outlining this are here and here and here.  And here is the gist:
...despite re-election, Barack Obama's popularity has gone consistently down and his power has consistently ebbed since the day he took office.  Even at the supposed height of his influence, he had to scrape, scrounge and have Harry Reid pull a few sneaky tricks to get his signature legislation through.  Beyond that his accomplishments have been nearly nil, and, in my view, the stock market loves it.
The market had big legs up in response, or in absorbing the reality even before the fact, to major Obama defeats, the 2010 midterm elections and the 2014 loss of the Senate.  In general, however, the Obama tenure has been one of slowly eroding power and influence and the market has melted up.  It picked up on his ineffectuality long ago.  For the last year or so, it has been discounting what a post-Obama world might look like.

Having said all that, I DO believe that the Democrats' policies have resulted in the stock returns that we've experienced in recent years, but these results are completely unintentional and diametrically opposed to what Democrats say they want to achieve.  What we are seeing is either profound lack of understanding, on the part of Democrats, of how the world works or a completely phony facade of rhetoric built on top of a policy program specifically designed for the wealthy class.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Again, The Wages of Apathy Are Dear

As what any reasonably informed or analytical person could have told you from the start, Warren Wilhelm, aka Bill DeBlasio the current mayor of New York City, is a typically corrupt, Democrat-machine politician.  While maybe not as rotten to the bone as others, he exhibits all the garden-variety stains of corruption that New York City has pleasantly enjoyed respite from for 20 years.  Add to that rank stupidity and it's the Big Apple's profound shame that this putz sits in City Hall.  (If we are going to have corrupt Mayors, we want effective, productive, and visionary corrupt Mayors!)

So I will say it again, DeBlasio is a political science lesson to the citizenry...don't be apathetic.  The Wages of Apathy, as I call them, are paid in a ninkompoop like DeB.  Getting things abjectly wrong in exercising your vote is another problem to be avoided but that is not the issue here (for a case study in that type of mistake, see Obama, Barack).  Not caring, not voting, thus letting an absurdly small number of the citizenry saddle your polity with disastrous leadership is even easier to avoid than an active mistake (again, see Obama, Barack).

The wages of apathy are costly.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Minimum Wage Best Thing for Kiosk Biz In Decades

I was not the first to point this out, but if you are pointing this out now, you are WAY behind the curve...

Monday, April 25, 2016

"Bugger Off, Obama"

I agree wholeheartedly with the number of Brits (like this one) who've come out and said, in response to the Lightworker's condescending and irrational instructions on the "Brexit" vote, more or less, "Bugger off, Obama."

That being said, don't forget it was many of these Euro-schmucks that helped give us this shithead to begin with.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ugh. Bloomberg: Those Unlucky Venezuelans

Here is another one of those examples of terrible journalism that soft-pedals the destruction wrought by socialist policies and authoritarian government.
It has been an exceptionally painful year for Venezuelans, suffering from violent crime, chronic shortages, plummeting oil prices on which they depend, declining health and fractured government. Yet this past week it seemed to reach a new low. A kind of resigned misery spread across a city that had once been the envy of Latin America.

A sudden combination of natural disasters joined man-made failures. The smog, called calima, is a meteorological phenomenon that involves ash and dust clouds fairly common for this time of year. Meanwhile a prolonged drought blamed on El Nino and related forest fires has arrived. Levels at the Guri dam in the south, which produces 40 percent of the country’s electricity, are reaching record lows.
Bad year?  Venezuela has been headed down the toilet for years and years as Chavez and now Maduro have destroyed the economy with their aggressive state-directed, oil-funded socialism. 

Natural disasters?  Aww, pobrecitos!  Bullshit, Venezuelans have cheered, voted for, and even during the worst of it, tolerated Chavista destruction.  They have nobody to blame but themselves. No one should have any sympathy for Venezuelan people, they are reaping what they have enthusiastically sown for decades.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lefty Logical Disconnect of the Day

When contemplating gun-control laws, "If we can save just one life..." is the imperative of the effort.  When fighting terrorism, "ISIS is not an existential threat to us..." is the operating principle.

The families of the next 50 or so people to get blown to bits or gunned down by ISIS will not be comforted by the fact that ISIS is not an existential threat.

Why Is Raqqa Still Standing?

Intelligence professionals understand this very well...
As far as is known, the attacks were planned by the headquarters of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Raqqa, Syria, which it has pronounced as the capital of its Islamic caliphate.
So, someone tell me why the hell have we not Daisy Cutterred Raqqa into a smoldering pile of sand???

More Importantly

3rd suspect in Brussels bombing captured.

So let's ask the really important questions... is he good-looking?...can we put him on the cover of Rolling Stone?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Buyer's Remorse?

Ha.  So the lefty post-mortems are coming in regarding the Obama years and they are lamenting that there just wasn't all that much "change" as part of Hope'n'Change. (h/t Instapundit)

That's fine, they can lament the lack of complete and utter progressive transformation all they want, a failure of a sort to them.  What they won't do (and I am waiting for an honest lefty to pen one) is assess another type of failure, that of outright backfire.  I laid out what would most likely be a lamentable list of backfire that the lefties could choke on as the Obama era winds down.
- The post-Obama American citizenry will be massively more armed than pre-Obama;
- A post-Obama America will have a healthcare system far deeper in disarray;
- A post-Obama America will less respected around the world, (considered weak by its enemies and unreliable by its friends);
- A post-Obama America will be more bitterly divided and contentious;
- A post-Obama America will have substantially more income inequality than pre-Obama America
 That's just for starters.  What is more terrifying to contemplate for lefties is that America may have less, call it, constitutional solidity by which to restrict the depredations of a conservative (or even just a non-progressive) POTUS.  What would a President Trump seek to do that he would not have considered were it not for a Constitution-flouting Obama??

Michael Bloomberg In Content-Free Fawning Over Trudeau

Michael Bloomberg takes to his namesake news agency to pen a mushy, feel-good paean to former pot-smoking school teacher and now Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  Canada's future looks bright says Bloomberg because Trudeau talks "inclusion" and is going to dump billions of Canadian dollars down the rat hole of renewables/clean energy. 

Aside from the generalized content-free nature of this elitist mutual ass-licking, Bloomberg is wrong on several counts.  Ontario, for instance, has been plowing billions of dollars into its infrastructure for years now, Justin Trudeau had nothing to do with it.  Just ask anybody who's been stuck on the Gardiner Expressway anytime in the last five years. 

Second, Bloomberg says that the market has been reacting well to Trudeau's initiatives.  Poppycock.  The market is noticing that oil has bounced off its lows - West Canada Select is up 90% from its lows.  The Canadian dollar has rallied with oil but it remains depressed from 2015 levels after Trudeau reneged in grand fashion on his campaign promises to run "moderate" deficits.  Now elected, Trudeau's government will blow the doors off with massive deficit spending and all sorts of Keynesian nonsense.

Bloomberg's argument it nothing more than "he's young and he's liberal, so all looks good."  Sorry, that doesn't cut it.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

POTUS Gone Rogue...Obama Torture Chambers Exposed!!

Holy crap.  From the New York Times...
WASHINGTON — An Islamic State detainee currently in American custody at a temporary detention facility in Erbil, Iraq, is a specialist in chemical weapons whom American military officials are questioning about the militant Sunni group’s plans to use the banned substances in Iraq and Syria, Defense officials said.
The detainee was identified by defense officials as Sleiman Daoud al-Afari, a chemical and biological weapons expert who once worked for Saddam Hussein’s Military Industrialization Authority.
Defense officials said that Mr. al-Afari, described by the military as a “significant” Islamic State operative who was captured a month ago by commandos in an elite American Special Operations force, has, under interrogation, provided his captors with details about how the group had weaponized mustard gas into powdered form and loaded it into artillery shells.
I repeat, "Holy crap!"  Special forces, temporary interrogation centers on foreign ally soil, no mention of Geneva Convention rights?!??!?!?!?!  Damn that George W. CheneyBushHitler.  POTUS gone rogue, I tell ya'!  Get me Code Pink on the horn!  Call the anti-war movement!

Oh wait...never mind.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Bad Journalism and Bad Math

CNBC is attempting to sex up Hillary's anti-1% credentials, but I can't help laugh at the semantic construction...
A study from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found that Clinton's plan would generate $1 trillion in additional revenue for the government over the first decade and an additional $2 trillion over the next 20 years.
That is the exact same as saying the plan would raise $100 billion per year for 30 years.  But "trillions" sounds better in terms of soaking the rich.  $100 billion isn't big at all.  In fact, the government runs a structural $400-500 billion deficit even after heroic efforts by the GOP congress to rein in Obama's typical $1 trillion deficits.  So what HRC is proposing is pretty silly, especially when you consider that revenue coming in far in the future.  Discount that revenue by historically typical interest rates and the net present value is half of that.  Add in that everything that the government would spend that money on will be more expensive due to inflation, and these numbers are REALLY underwhelming.