Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Shelby Steele Says the Unsayable in re Race Relations

This Shelby Steele article is pure genius.  It has more wisdom on race relations in America today than a decade's worth of NY Times yammering.

Here are key excerpts with my translations and/or observations I've made here over the years.

We blacks have lived in a bubble since the 1960s because whites have been deferential for fear of being seen as racist. ...  It causes whites to retreat into deference and blacks to become nothing more than victims.
Yup, if the rules are stupid and/or stacked so that everything is racist, well, we're not gonna engage.  No engagement means no progress.
 What is remarkable about this response is that it may foretell a new fearlessness in white America—a new willingness in whites (and blacks outside the victim-focused identity) to say to blacks what they really think and feel, to judge blacks fairly by standards that are universal. 
This is both so sad and too long in coming.  You can't demand to be taken seriously and also be treated like children as well...pick one.  If this is true, which i doubt it is, blacks should welcome this...being treated fairly and honestly, despite a difficult message, is the sign of acceptance.
 To a degree, black America’s self-esteem is invested in the illusion that we live under a cloud of continuing injustice.
This is an incendiary claim and rubs a raw wound, but it has much truth to it.   There is alot of black failure out there - broken families and all that, but also in collective performance.  I've pointed this out before - Baltimore, Newark, Detroit...places where blacks run the show have deep deep problems and lag the nation in livability by a wide margin.  When you mismanage whole cities and doom whole generations of kids to poorly educated status, well...better look for the BIG excuse.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Another Round to Trump

Hey, I'm gonna be an amateur Scott Adams for a day and dissect what Trump is doing.  So here goes...

Trump is using a well-known and excellent tactic to deal with his political enemies and detractors that goes like this...

1) pursue a posture or policy stance that goes under- or unarticulated;
2) allow it to receive enormous criticism from all quarters, detractors as well as supporters, who think they detect the logic in it but are bewildered at the lack of promotion and who start to second guess;
3) after everyone has positioned themselves farther out on the limb (political enemies being farthest out on that limb);
4) saw off that enemies fall to ground and hurt themselves

Trump baited anyone and everyone to question his sanity only to have this hit the news today...
“I have no concerns about his cognitive ability,” Dr. Ronny Jackson told reporters on Tuesday.
Jackson told reporters Trump scored 30/30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which according to its website is a “cognitive screening test designed to assist Health Professionals in the detection of mild cognitive impairment...”
Whoops, all that raving about his cognitive ability looks dumb...another round to Trump.

Friday, January 12, 2018

C'mon, Really. Is Haiti NOT a Shithole?

Trump's vulgarity is sort of a divine palliative intervention to our accumulated other words, he was sent to us to say the things that we have bullied ourselves out of saying...

I mean Haiti NOT a shithole? 

Seriously, regardless of the color of the skin of its inhabitants, I think it is fairly inarguable that it is a shithole. 

In all seriousness, Trump's question is inelegantly phrased and somewhat off the mark, but it is closer to the fundamental question of immigration policy than anything I've heard from anybody yet.  And that question is "Does the USA have the right to decide who can come to this country or does any person, of any circumstance, have the right to come here regardless of what our laws say?"

We either do or do not, as a sovereign nation, have choices in regards to who comes here.  Then it is a question of how we make those choices.  All I hear from the left, is no, we do not have choices, everybody and anybody can come, and if you don't like it, you're a racist.

Monday, December 18, 2017

A Boatload of Crap from Bloomberg News

In re the tax reform and the GOP's capping of the SALT deduction...
Republican Senate and House negotiators in Washington agreed last week on a $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions, or SALT. In high-tax states, that’s bad news. Personal taxes are poised to rise for 13 percent of New Yorkers and 11 percent of California and New Jersey residents, according to an analysis by left-leaning Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, conducted after the bill’s final details were announced.... tax experts are already formulating ways to stop the feds from grabbing more take-home pay from Californians, New Yorkers and New Jerseyans while folks across America buy boats with the money they save.
Screw yourself Bloomberg News.  Let's talk about boats...but first this...

In high tax states like New York and New Jersey, politicians have handed the state finances over the government employees' unions who have raped their respective states with unconscionable feather-bedding, resulting in escalating fiscal distress.  Connecticut and it's capital, Hartford, are circling the fiscal drain. New Jersey can't find the cash to fund those insane union pension obligations.  New York is only getting by due to the insanely miraculous economic engine that is New York City.  Without its global appeal as a place of business and tourist playground, New York state is bankrupt every which way to Sunday.

Government employees routinely game the rules to accumulate overtime and sick days (often not even really worked) so that over a 15-20 year career they can get a one-time payout in addition to their pension.  Cops, firemen, sanitation workers and teachers, if they play the game right, can retire with a $100,000+ pension and a mid-six figure lump some payout, cheekily referred to by those in the know as...wait for it...a "boat check." 

Your average cop or fireman from up north takes that check, buys a boat, moves to somewhere like South Carolina where that fat pension goes alot farther.  You could fill a small bankrupt city (like Hartford!) with all the public employee retirees kickin' back and living the good life somewhere in NC, SC, GA, Fla.

CNBC Kinda Right About Dem Mal-Practice Over Tax Reform

As usual CNBC doesn't quite get it, but they sure come close...
It looks like the Republican tax reform bill is now a lock to pass in Congress and get signed into law, handing the GOP its first major legislative victory.
But the other big story here is how the Democrats dropped the ball and failed their own base by failing to stop the bill.
I'm not sure Dems could have blocked this thing, they were likely relying on - a good bet actually - the GOP's inability to herd the cats and enforce party discipline the way the Dems do.  But a good plan doesn't mean assured success.  The GOP surprised everybody by both acting fast and coming together. 

Where CNBC gets it right is that the Dems have expended their energy in an orgy of nuttiness and "hot-button" issues that only touch a small minority of Americans' hot buttons (hard core Dems).  Yes, vituperating about sexual assault, wearing pussyhats, and tilting at impeachment windmills are NOT talking intelligently about tax policy and economic vitality.  Still, even then, it's not clear that Americans would have responded to their message if Dems had not taken their eyes off the ball.

People's 401Ks are exploding in value, companies are hiring, and economic optimism is getting up off the floor after eight years of Obama.  Walk into any small business across America, it's so obvious they feel it's due to Trump...and if Trump is saying this tax reform will deliver more of the same, folks are gonna believe Trump.  All the more so because the media says it won't.

Manchurian Candidate Update...

Here's what I said back in seemed rather conspiratorial back then...
Call me a conspiracy theorist, but given the magnitude of how this shifts the balance of power in the Middle East, combined with Valerie Jarrett's background/influence and the fact that there was an ocean of untraceable credit card donations to Obama's election campaign (they actively turned off monitoring software, lest you forget), I'm inclined to believe a Manchurian Candidate plot more and more.
But recent revelations are proving me a tad prescient and perhaps not all that conspiratorial ...
On Sunday night, Politico sent an email previewing an another investigative article alleging that the Obama administration had “derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed, Bashar al-Assad-allied, Justice Department-designated terrorist organization Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States.”
This email dramatically underplays the outlet’s reporting. While it looks like the Obama administration neutralized efforts to stop a terrorist group from funding its operations through criminal enterprises in the United States — which should be a major scandal itself — according to Josh Meyer’s source-heavy reporting, it also decided to let a top Hezbollah operative named Ali Fayad, who had not only been indicted in U.S. courts for planning to kill American government employees but whom agents believed reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a key supplier of weapons to Syria and Iraq, to skate free.
I anticipate history will unfold revealing the Obama administration to be one of the most scandal-plagued in American history...and much of the trajectory to be in the favor of foreign powers...somewhat akin to treasonous acts.  But hey, at least we had a black guy as President...

Friday, December 01, 2017

Confirmed: Bike Shares Are Quintessential Lefty Idiocy

I have long maintained that "bike share" programs are the apotheosis of leftyism, as they are:
1)  monstrously wasteful
2)  a meaningless, symbolic gesture, not anything close to a real solution
3)  aimed at a problem that doesn't exist

When I lived in NYC, the Citi Bike program was so clearly asinine (Citibank marketing people told me, the known losses we're considered "advertising spend").  Now, I've in a small city run be lefties who copycat every last dumb idea of bigger cities, and we have LimeBike.  It too is asinine.

So, I take this to be massive vindication.

Thousands of share bikes laid to rest in the south-eastern Chinese city of Xiamen.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Bratty Antifa Assholes Whine and Rage, While Real America Does This...

Prediction:  There is going to be so such toxic masculinity on the Gulf Coast of Texas, the air will be uninhabitable for lefty twit gals for decades.  Silver lining in the devastation that is Harvey.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

W&M Alum On the Football Announcer Crisis: "Not Our Fault"

Wow, the College of Knowledge can't catch a break.  We were way ahead of our time in taking a zero-tolerance policy towards vile, hateful, racist, bigoted, nasty, yucky things and people.

First, we banned Lou Holtz for saying that our football team had too many Marys and not enough Williams.  "Sexist pig!  Go coach at some inferior school in some rinky-dink town in the midwest," we said.

Then we abolished this pernicious, vile, execrable symbol of hate from our official school imagery.

But now, ESPN goes and schedules a guy named ROBERT LEE to broadcast our football game against some school somewhere west of us on I-64...



Ah wait...Whew...Crisis Averted.  Life can resume.  Deep Breath.

Call It the "ESPN Rule"

In order to avoid triggering fellow Americans with insurmountably painful thoughts of racist brutality, I hereby propose we banish men with the following names from any and all public role:
- Dan Adams
- John Adams
- William Adams
- Ed Alexander
- Henry Allen
- William Allen
- George Anderson
- James Anderson
- Joseph Anderson
- Richard Anderson
- Robert Anderson
- Sam Anderson
- James Archer
- Frank Armstrong
- Laurence Baker
- William Baldwin (never show Backdraft again!)
- William Barksdale
- John Barry

...oh shit, you get the picture ...

Monday, August 21, 2017

Lefties NEVER Disappoint

Amid a near constant chorus of the hoped-for assassination of President Trump (only just the latest here) coming from the (where else) left...they are now bitching about...wait for it...

...the Secret Service going broke protecting President Trump.

Well, we all know that lefties are not one iota concerned about a federal agency breaking the bank...they'd welcome a 10x increase in the budget for any other POTUS but Trump (or Bush, or Romney, or ...).  So it is futile and meaningless for me to suggest a way to ease the burden, and thus budgetary pressure on the Secret Service, but here goes...


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Richard Florida's "Creative Class" Are Just Kids Moving Back to the City With Reagan-Era Wealth

Florida's "creative class" theory was always relatively easy to debunk if you looked at it hard enough.  He thought these young creative types created wealth and it was that that rejuvenated decaying cities. 

Wrong.  As he now admits.

What happened is that these "young creatives," mostly suburban kids, brought a pre-existing wealth, the wealth of the information age economy and the wealth of their Reagan-era parents back to the urban core.  Florida's creative class are the children of the White Flighters moving back into town after having lived their lives in the burbs and wanting something different.  They brought a modern sensibility, artistic flair and ready-made disposable income to the cities and they started fixing things up to their own liking.  Hipsters without money and jobs wouldn't have achieve the same thing.  The money and jobs came first, hipsters merely directed the locus of the spending.

Ironically, equally wrong-headed policies like Section 8 housing represented the opposite movement...sending people who were the source of inner city pathologies to the suburbs, where Florida notes, the problems are now.

So we had rich kids moving to places like Williamsburg, Brooklyn, remaking it from urban wasteland to hipster utopia, while simultaneously moving (with Section 8 vouchers) inner city dwellers (i.e. poor blacks and Hispanics) to the burbs bringing with them the drug trade, crime, and unemployment...all things that pervaded their lives in places like the South Bronx of the 70s and 80s.

It was a swap, not a movement up necessarily.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

If You Think A Few Statues Will Appease the Left, You're Crazy

The Left won't stop here.  The Civil War monuments won't be the fact it's not even good enough now...they want the monuments, they want CEOs to resign from economic policy councils...

If they get victories here, they'll expand the definition of bigotry and call for more...and more.  They want nothing more than the full prostration of the Trump Administration and then the nation as a whole.

Remember, the Tea Party was called racist, when TEA stood for "taxed enough already".  Want lower taxes?  RACIST!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Max Dumb from the Fever Swamps (in this case Fever Tundra)

Mt theory about a metaphorical type of Left Wing Penis Envy in academia is holding up well...

SUNY Plattsburgh.  Ugh.  Why do we confer any legitimacy on the people who are likely in the 10% percentile of their profession, just because they work on a college campus? 

There is ALOT of dumb coming from our prestigious institutions, but it seems the MAX dumb is coming from our nearly worthless institutions.  And yes (Sorry Upstaters), SUNY-P is nearly worthless.

Monday, August 14, 2017

How You Get More Trump

This is pure no way to be construed as a pro-Confederate argument...but the political left has destroyed it's standing with several broad swaths of American society:
1)  Males, particularly, white males
2)  Married women
3)  The American South
There are zero Democrat Senators from the South and the Republicans own the South politically nearly lock, stock, and barrel.  

This isn't going to help, or this.  Perhaps the principled stand that lefties think they are making is worth any tactical electoral setback, but maybe not.  Tactical mistakes are, arguably, what delivered the Oval Office to the weirdest major candidate ever at the expense of the most inevitable candidate ever.

Something to think about.  Maybe.  Ok, if you're a lefty...not.

Radical suggestion:  Stop obsessing about the damn monuments.  Leave them alone.  How about that as a strategy???

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sowell? Who's That?

Major Yup here.

Irony (or maybe just funny) I am a white man and if I had to point to a single person who has had the most influence my outlook of the world as it relates to economics, politics, and society - a conservo-libertarian outlook mind you - it's a black man.

Frankly, their loss if they can't see the greatness in their own.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Ugh, Ugh, and Double Ugh. Libtards Make Movie About Frustration at Institutions About...You Guessed It

The 1974 classic movie Death Wish stuck a chord with Americans because it articulated a strong sense of frustration with our institutions that are tasked with our safety...both the (lack of) competency of the these institutions and the arrogance offered up in response when these institutions are questioned.

Institutions that we setup, and pay for, fail us and then bristle when we question them after paying, oftentimes, unbearable costs.

This is what made the 1974 version so powerful.  Is it so hard to believe that the same frustrations are perhaps at work today?

No, can't be...has to be that answer-for-everything...RACISM!

File this under:  This is how you get more Trump.


I hate the movies... but now I have to go see this.  Maybe eat at Chik-fil-A prior to...

No Vote, Huh? How About a White Guy Tax Boycott?

No vote, no taxes.

Trust will miss my annual $140,000 of taxes (and that's just income taxes)...and all the money that the roughly 80 million of us dudes pay in taxes.

Go ahead, we're happy to keep the money.

And your lefty dreams would collapse in a heap of smoldering detritus if we didn't keep the whole shitty system propped up with our hard earned dollars.

Give it a whirl.  We can sort it all out legally later after all the municipal, state and sovereign defaults....

NFL Is Not Immune from The Iron Rule of Business

Here is Richard Sherman perhaps lamenting poor Colin Kaepernick's employment woes or perhaps merely pointing out some logical dissonance...
"Now if you told me this guy threw eight pick-sixes last year and played like a bum, had no talent, that’s one thing,” Sherman told USA Today about Kaepernick, who threw 16 touchdown to four interceptions as a 49er last year. “But Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallett or whoever is playing for the Jets right now — whoever is starting for the Jets is terrible — have jobs. You’re telling me fans would rather you lose and put a worse player out there because a guy took a stand? That’s where it’s so troublesome to me.”
Very good point.  Very incomplete point.  Very superficial thinking, and thus very besides the point.

Football performance is not the only consideration for employment in the NFL.  We all know it's a business and which particular employees to hire in the business is a multi-variate business decision.  And yes, Richard, fans' attitudes are highly relevant even if they are mercurial, off-putting or somewhat illogical.  Nobody has a right to play in the NFL and the customer is king, just like in any business.  If fans don't like Kaepernick, for any reason from his "stand" to his fro', it's their prerogative and his problem.  The customer is always right.  Owners understand this even if All-Pro players don't.

UPDATE:  In Other News:  Girlfriend of Guy Who Wants a Job, Insults Guy Who Might Give Boyfriend a Job.

UPPDATE:  Ugh, more of this foolishness here.  Truth hurts these guys but talent is fungible...Kaepernick could be 10 times better than he is and no one will miss him...there'll be another talent coming along soon enough and the world will forget.  The world, thus the NFL, simply doesn't need Colin Kaepernick.  Frankly, the world doesn't need half these guys.  If enough people don't see him as brave, but rather a dickhead, then he's a dickhead because they pay the bills.  Modern-day slavery yadayadayada.

Hey, I know how CK can revive his career.  Subject his views to debate...have a debate live on TV about these issues...the public would tune in in good faith.  Whoops, nope, they didn't teach that course at UNevada or wherever he happened to get a parchment from.  Make a phony-baloney stand with no accountability and the accountability will find you.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

More ObamaCare "Bad Luck"

Less than 12 months ago:  "Meet the Insurer Making Money from ObamaCare."
The big insurers’ troubles have led critics to raise questions about the overall sustainability of the ObamaCare model.
But Molina sees more room for his company to grow. It has already announced plans to expand this year into three more markets.
Today: "Molina to Cut Costs, Eliminate 1,500 Jobs Following Big Loss"
The company said it’s eliminating about 1,500 jobs as part of a restructuring plan that it hopes will save $300 million to $400 million by late next year. In the meantime, Molina withdrew its 2017 earnings outlook. The company also said it will exit money-losing Affordable Care Act markets in Utah and Wisconsin for next year.
Wow.  No doubt "Unexpectedly."