Friday, July 24, 2015

Go Figure. Trendy, Eco MBA Is Not the Way to a Job

"Sustainable-Finance MBAs Struggle To Find Jobs."

As they should.  These degrees are stupid.  They are an attempt to brainwash future business leaders and they have no foundational basis other than the messianic convictions of the academy.  Students never demanded the MBA curriculum be reworked to incorporate the mushy psuedo-discipline of sustainability.  Business schools did this on their own because 1) they are, despite teaching (icky) business stuff, at heart academics, and slaves to the orthodoxies of the academy, and/or 2) some wealthy, lefty donor said 'do this and I'll give you alot of money.'

So caveat emptor.  Get a stupid degree, watch your job prospects go down.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ageism Runs Rampant

Muslim terrorists kill over 3000 people on American soil and we set up a massive bureaucracy to pat down granny at the airport.

Young, disaffected, and probably mentally unstable men (boys, really) indiscriminately murder children and theatergoers and we turn to the bureaucracy to disarm...granny.

What does our government have against the elderly?

Warren Wilhelm's (that's Bill DeBlasio) Brahmin Arrogance Shines Through

Maybe Uber should have been the dismissive party...they could have said, "We don't debate politicians who received 17% of the affirmative vote."

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Workplace Violence!

So, how long before the Feds rush in to shut up the local constabularies with all their talk of "domestic act of terrorism"?

We all know this was workplace violence, Allah be praised ...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Now The Fun Part

Well, there's alot of analysis out there pertaining to the Iran deal - such as this and this.  Alot of these analyses will fall along partisans lines, Obama fans will say it is a tough/smart agreement, Obama detractors will say it is a disaster.  Ultimately it all comes down to 1) what Iran wants, and 2) is Iran trustworthy. 

Obama thinks Iran wants to be just another normal peaceful country and that they are trustworthy.  Most of the world knows that Iran wants, at a minimum, to dominate its neighbors and, perhaps, destroy Israel.  Most of the world also feels that Iran is not trustworthy.  We'll see.

In terms of Israel, they've waited and waited to see how bad the Obama betrayal would be.  Now they know and Netanyahu has said that Israel will defend itself.  For Israel, the best defense has always been a good offense.  And Israel has done this stuff before.  Perhaps it is time to dust off the old copies of Raid on the Sun and be on the lookout for dead scientists and/or things blowing up in Iran. 

Message to Greeks: Dignity Is Denominated In Drachmas

Big vote in Greece today. 

Prime Minister Tsipras is salving the woes of the Greek people with candor about just badly he took it on the chin - through a combination of his own naivete and ineptitude - and just how badly the Greek nation is taking it up the keister.  Perhaps the Greeks will forgive him for badly such bad poker given that he had such a bad hand.

But this all gnashing of teeth over Greek dignity and sovereignty is annoying.  Their dignity wasn't stolen, it was squandered, handed away for a unearned good life.

The Greeks can all the dignity they want, they just have to have it in drachmas.

First We Got Suckered, Then We Got Screwed

So, our two biggest allies in the Middle East - Israel and Saudi Arabia - hate the Iran deal, and our enemies love it.  That should tell you all you need to know.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but given the magnitude of how this shifts the balance of power in the Middle East, combined with Valerie Jarrett's background/influence and the fact that there was an ocean of untraceable credit card donations to Obama's election campaign (they actively turned off monitoring software, lest you forget), I'm inclined to believe a Manchurian Candidate plot more and more.

In 2007, if you had to concoct a plan to diminish US power and influence in the world and pave the path for the US to become something other than the US of the last 200'd devise a plan that looks exactly like what Obama has done...

- Give sworn enemies the bomb.  Check.

- Allow the Chinese to have ALL of our personnel data.  Check

- Hamstring the most vibrant economy the world has ever seem.  Check.

- Open the borders to a wave of low-skilled immigrants who will strengthen the voting block for continued/expanded entitlements and demand the bending of the American cultural arc their way (bilingual schools, no American flags on Cinco de Mayo, etc.)  Check.

And that is just the big bore stuff.  Small bore stuff is straight out of the Soviet playbook:

- have your political enemies labelled as mentally unstable.  Check.

- undermine the moral authority of the church.  Check.  (BTW, the answer for the Little Sisters of the Poor is not to comply.  Make the Obama administration further harass and/or even attempt to jail nuns.  It'll cause public embarrassment.  Plus, by the time this works through the bureaucratic maze, maybe a Republican President can do something about it.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Thank God It Is Cocktail Hour

But it was that damn flag's fault, thank God we purged that…

Wait this is the Obama Era, shouldn't we take down all Confederate flags AND expand background checks of the precise type that failed in this case?

oh…and Archuleta was a known incompetent but Republicans couldn't dare look askance at her nomination, because "diversity".  Glad to see that the diversity crusade - like all lefty missions - has moved beyond merely an annoyance into actually getting people killed (and if you think that the OPM hack won't lead to deaths, you're an idiot).

Congratulations Europe, You've Won! Now, Fork Over $60 Billion to the Greeks!

No.  Next question.  "Would You Lend Greece $60 Billion"

How's that for an Instapundit imitation?

Whoops. Dissonance On the Left!

This is thoroughly expected.  As some of us have pointed out, there is a dissonant alliance in the Democratic party as likely the most passionately anti-gay marriage demographic in these here United States is blacks.

Sigh. More Orwellian Bullshit from Lightworker Admin.

I've chronicled this administration's singular talent for Orwellian Bullshit.

Add another one to the list.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

We ... Have To Teach Him To Wear the Ribbon!"

In the course of finding a Seinfeld Puerto Rico Day clip to embed in the previous post, I happened upon this clip.  In light of the gay wedding totalitarians that have been emboldened among us, it's scary how eerily prescient Seinfeld was.  OK, not really, it was relatively easy to see where this was headed.

You Can Have the Parade Too

While this may seem like a very good financial deal for the Europeans...
Wolfgang Schaeuble, Germany’s acerbic finance minister, proposed a debt deal to his U.S. counterpart: Greece for Puerto Rico, straight up.
“I offered my friend Jack Lew these days that we could take Puerto Rico into the euro zone if the U.S. were willing to take Greece into the dollar union,” Schaeuble said at an event in Frankfurt Thursday. Lew, the U.S. Treasury secretary, “thought that was a joke,” Schaeuble said.

Schaeuble must know that all costs are not me, you don't want a Puerto Rico Day Parade in Berlin!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

China Wobbles

Remember my 5 pillars?  Here they are.  Number 4: The future does not belong to China. believe that the future is Chinese, you need to believe that something like 250,000 elderly communists can successfully plan and manage an $8.4 trillion economy for the benefit of 1.3 trillion people
Some of the latest evidence that I might have been on to something here and here.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Lefty Media Celebrates Dreamboy Failure

The media loved themselves some Yanis Varoufakis.  Academic.  Check.  Socialist (More or Less).  Check.  So rebellious and disdainful of stuffy, old convention.  Check.

Only problem was he just defaulted on several billion dollars of debt and is a dickhead.

Alas, the media can't fawn all over him anymore.

I knew he was a schmuck when he came begging for billions and couldn't find it in himself to wear a fucking tie.

UPDATE:  Uh oh, the new guy can't seem to put on a tie either.  In fact he doesn't even seem to be wearing an actual dress jacket.  C'mon guys, you are $300 billion in debt an in default, show some fucking humility.

Cowboy Up, Indeed

Doubly endorsed

Also, I can't say for sure, but, based on anecdotal evidence we seem to be out-breeding the fatuous lefty ninnies.  I'm not ashamed of my whiteness and I have three kids.

Rick Perry's Smart, Simple Pitch to Black Americans

Rick Perry's pitch to the black electorate seems familiar.

Hillary Is Saying "I Will Be A Tyrant"

This is how in the tank our media is.  They are so invested in Hilary that they don't even know that they have abandoned all pretense of upholding their ethics and their very role in society.

Why would we let anyone do this to begin with, and why would we elect anyone who would do this?  Simply amazing.

Be Wary of Dignity in Constitutional Rhetoric

Over at Instapundit, Elizabeth Price-Foley highlights (link broken, sorry) Jonathan Turley's article about the creeping progressive project of a Constitutional "right to dignity" that SCOTUS Justice Kennedy seems to be a big mover thereof.

Naturally, EPF points out that the Left pines desperately for such an amorphous concept to be enshrined in our constitutional framework, so that they can define this hard-define-concept any way they want.  All fine, but the right to dignity is not an end in itself, it is but one flavor of positive rights that the Left wants to foist on us, because they hate the negative rights basis of our constitutional framework.

And I've talked about the positive rights thing before...
The reason is simple: negative rights don't cost money, positive rights cost money.  It doesn't cost you or me any tangible resources to allow our fellow citizens to speak their mind, worship their god or live unmolested in their home.  But when you have a positive right to a home or to food, that has to be paid for with actual money.  Who pays for that?  We do.  The government has no money of its own, it can only tax or borrow...or confiscate.  So, we wind up paying, always.  Someone has to have a home, because it is their right, so we have to pay for it.  What is yours - your money, your property, your business - becomes secondary because people have rights to things and these things cost money.  Standing up to confiscation in any form - excessive taxation, trampling of creditor rights (see Chrysler bailout) or outright confiscation - is recast as denying your fellow citizens' rights.  Now what it is yours is no longer yours.  Someone else has a right to what is yours.  "Taking" is now not only not taboo, not merely virtuous, it is imperative.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Gay Marraige Is Just That The Left Wants to Smash You

So, a few posts ago I said that the Left tends to be ungracious in victory.  OK, I was soft-pedaling it a bit...

They're a bunch of power-mad bastards who will pocket the victory and go on to smash you on the next issue.  I didn't have the time or elegance to lay that all out, but, blessedly, Sultan Knish does and has...

This is must read.  A. MUST. READ.

Juicy tidbits...
The purpose of power is power. The left is not seeking to achieve a set of policy goals before kicking back and having a beer. The policy goals are means of destroying societies, nations and peoples before taking over. If you allow it a policy goal, it will ram that goal down your throat. It will implement it as abusively as it can possibly can before it moves on to the next battle.
 The left exists to destroy you. It does not seek to co-exist with you.
The left will destroy the things you care about, because you care about them. It will destroy them because that gives them power over you. It will destroy them because these things stand in the way of its power.
A Socialist a century ago considered factories progressive instruments of the future and men in dresses a decadent reactionary behavior. Now factories are reactionary pollution machines of globalization and men in dresses are an oppressed victim group who have transcended biology with the power of their minds.  
To understand the left, you need to remember that it does not care about 99 percent of the things it claims to care about. Name a leftist cause and then find a Communist country that actually practiced it. Labor unions? Outlawed. Environmentalism? Chernobyl. The left fights all sorts of social and political battles not because it believes in them, but to radicalize, disrupt and take power.
Twenty years of studying political philosophy and watching the world with observant eyes has taught me the truth of this.  This is as trenchant an essay on political philosophy as I have read.  Communist governments destroyed families because the family was the singularly most dangerous unit in opposition to...Communism.  Gay marriage isn't about gay marriage, it's about taking traditional marriage down.  Activists will move on from this to alter every aspect of commercial existence to their will, it won't be long before baking wedding cakes for gay marriages is mandatory community service for corporate "team-building" exercises and/or subsidization of gay marriages is mandated by the SEC for public listing.

Through Kids' Eyes

So a former college buddy put this up on his Facebook page, ostensibly to validate the recent SCOTUS ruling via the oft-used, but flawed, "wisdom of innocents" tactic ('See, even a 10 year knows this!'), but probably more to flaunt his own enlightened bona fides to his Facebook audience:
Discussing the front page of the paper this morning with [my son]:
Me: "So now people can get married to whoever they want. It used to be only men and women could marry each other."
His Son: "Why?
I had a similar conversation with my tyke, but it went like this:
Me:  "So now people can get married to whoever they want. It used to be only men and women could marry each other."
Baseball Tyke: "Fine, but if all the boys married boys and all the girls married girls, where would future babies come from?"

Ah, ancient wisdom from the mouths' of babes.

I didn't have the heart to tell him that his hypothetical is what our betters want and they'll grow all the babies we need in the lab.

I Blame Martha Stewart

The cult of Home Decor has reached its horrific pinnacle.
Understandably, something has to give and unfortunately, in this case, it's our mutual dream of having another child.
How awful.  How materialistic and shallow.  Trust me honey, that Wolf range and all those high-end amenities won't give you one-millionth of the joy that a third child would have.  All parents of 3 know this truth: knowing what we know now, we'd live in a hovel forever and a day rather than have missed out on life without #3.

I blame Martha Stewart.