Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Now The Fun Part

Well, there's alot of analysis out there pertaining to the Iran deal - such as this and this.  Alot of these analyses will fall along partisans lines, Obama fans will say it is a tough/smart agreement, Obama detractors will say it is a disaster.  Ultimately it all comes down to 1) what Iran wants, and 2) is Iran trustworthy. 

Obama thinks Iran wants to be just another normal peaceful country and that they are trustworthy.  Most of the world knows that Iran wants, at a minimum, to dominate its neighbors and, perhaps, destroy Israel.  Most of the world also feels that Iran is not trustworthy.  We'll see.

In terms of Israel, they've waited and waited to see how bad the Obama betrayal would be.  Now they know and Netanyahu has said that Israel will defend itself.  For Israel, the best defense has always been a good offense.  And Israel has done this stuff before.  Perhaps it is time to dust off the old copies of Raid on the Sun and be on the lookout for dead scientists and/or things blowing up in Iran. 


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