Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First We Got Suckered, Then We Got Screwed

So, our two biggest allies in the Middle East - Israel and Saudi Arabia - hate the Iran deal, and our enemies love it.  That should tell you all you need to know.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but given the magnitude of how this shifts the balance of power in the Middle East, combined with Valerie Jarrett's background/influence and the fact that there was an ocean of untraceable credit card donations to Obama's election campaign (they actively turned off monitoring software, lest you forget), I'm inclined to believe a Manchurian Candidate plot more and more.

In 2007, if you had to concoct a plan to diminish US power and influence in the world and pave the path for the US to become something other than the US of the last 200'd devise a plan that looks exactly like what Obama has done...

- Give sworn enemies the bomb.  Check.

- Allow the Chinese to have ALL of our personnel data.  Check

- Hamstring the most vibrant economy the world has ever seem.  Check.

- Open the borders to a wave of low-skilled immigrants who will strengthen the voting block for continued/expanded entitlements and demand the bending of the American cultural arc their way (bilingual schools, no American flags on Cinco de Mayo, etc.)  Check.

And that is just the big bore stuff.  Small bore stuff is straight out of the Soviet playbook:

- have your political enemies labelled as mentally unstable.  Check.

- undermine the moral authority of the church.  Check.  (BTW, the answer for the Little Sisters of the Poor is not to comply.  Make the Obama administration further harass and/or even attempt to jail nuns.  It'll cause public embarrassment.  Plus, by the time this works through the bureaucratic maze, maybe a Republican President can do something about it.


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