Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gloat Time. (Light) Sweet Gloat Time.

Just want to remind people that I was firmly in the "Peak Oil is Idiotic" camp.  Gloat time.

The Iran Deal Is So Crazy, It HAS To Be A Conspiracy

"Everyone sees this coming, yet the Obama Administration forges ahead. Why?"
Why indeed.

I still insist this nuclear deal is connected to the Obama campaign removing the credit card verification controls on its campaign website.  Massive foreign, and illicit, campaign donations from a foreign power who was set to reap unimaginable rewards against anyone's wildest deals, in support of a US POTUS candidate with a svengali-like advisor born in that country...???   Couldn't happen.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

San Francisco's Purge of Children Is Not Enough

Too funny.  Despite valiant attempts to drive children from their midst, they still are having trouble hiring teachers.  Just drive more children away.  They already banned the Happy Meal, what could they ban next to ruin childhood?

Bikes?  Swimming pools?  Ice cream?

Bloomberg News Slimes Tea Partiers

Theresa Ghilarducci is a whacko lefty professor who wants the government to take over your retirement savings're too stupid and Social Security works to damn well.

But Bloomberg News wants you to know that Tea Partiers are crazy...they sent Prof. Ghilarducci death threats.
Retirement policy wonks don't usually get hate mail. But in 2008, Teresa Ghilarducci, an economics professor at the New School for Social Research, proposed replacing 401(k) plans and their income tax break with a mandated government savings plan for all workers. The blowback from some Tea Partyers was so intense that the school's chief of security gave her his cell phone number.
That early mention is all we know, there is no specific info on the death threats and we don't know why they attribute the threats to Tea Partiers.  Did someone call up and say "Hi, I'm a Tea Partier and I want to kill you"?  Or perhaps reporter Carla Fried is just showcasing her biases.  Maybe Fried will reveal her sources so as to put to rest any doubt that a bonafide, self-identifying Tea Partier threatened Prof. Ghilarducci. 

Or perhaps not, this Al Hunt's Bloomberg News after all.