Friday, February 24, 2017

The "Not-A-Conservative" Trump Sure Looks Pretty Damn Conservative (Boo-Yah)

Funny how all during the campaign we were told Trump wasn't a conservative.

And yet he's turning out to be a (real) conservative's wet dream...

Check this out...sweet mother of God does that make my heart go all aflutter...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More (Totally Predictable) Lefty Backfire

A few years back, lefties engineered an attack on Chik-fil-A and managed to catalyze the largest one-day sales tally in the history of Chik-fil-A.

They drove crafters and hobbiers to go deep in support of Hobby Lobby.  People not-of-the-left even rallied to Whole Foods's side in during the ObamaCare runup after CEO John Mackey said OCare wasn't his cup o' herbal fair-trade tea.

The entire 8-yr presidency of the Lightworker was a ravenous gun-buying backlash against the forces of leftism.

Now, they have done it again with Ivanka Trump's perfume.

When will they ever learn?

Friday, February 10, 2017

Government Junk

Almost seven years ago, I told you to throw out the Corporate Finance textbook, where it is written as gospel that sovereigns (the serious ones at least) are better credits, i.e. more "riskless", than corporates.  I said that was changing.
Frankly, I see less risk in any number of institutions with names like Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Proctor & Gamble, Clorox etc. In today's world, these are the less risky bets and the US government ought to pay me a premium for capital that I could otherwise tie up in the equity of these institutions....What type of institution will act with speed, wisdom, and effectiveness? Shouldn't you pay more for these qualities and less for the lack of these attributes? I believe so, and I think this will be the new reality a few years down the road.

Lo and behold, from Bloomberg today: "It's a Bad Sign When Unilever Yields Less than France"
Do you prefer Marmite debt over La Belle France?
Unilever NV, with its A1/A+ credit rating, managed a yield of just 1.03 percent for the 600 million-euro ($641 million) 10-year bond it issued Wednesday. France's Aa2/AA rating doesn't seem to be doing it much good, since its 10-year yielded a few basis points more at the time. 
Unilever is at least cash flow positive whereas France does have an ever-expanding deficit, but is the market really saying that Unilever has greater placement control of toiletries than a major European sovereign has in raising taxes?
Who could have seen this coming??

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Warren vs. Sessions Is Another Oblique Anti-Southern Unforced Error

Here is the jujitsu strategery behind the Rule 19 rebuke of Elizabeth "Sitting Bullshit" Warren.
The more she speaks, the better for conservatives.
That is true, but there is more.  Over the last, oh say, 20 years, the Democrats have abandoned (abandoned in the sense of kick, punch, hog-tie, spit on and then walk away from) certain very large electoral, the South, and married women.  Even regular Democrats, to say nothing of "liberal Democrats," have been all but swept from the South.

Republicans relish this, it's a huge pickup for them, and it could last a generation or longer if all goes well.  So anytime the Dems want to shit on the South, Republicans are gonna let 'em, and this example is the triple bacon cheeseburger of political red meat - shrill, socialist harridan of Massachusetts raging against calm, collected, grey-haired man with a heavy Alabama twang.

This about making Warren the voice of the Dems AND about shoring up what is now a Republican fortress in the American South.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Audi's Obnoxiousness 2.0

I've been out of the blogging loop for awhile.  But I can't resist jumping back in...the proximate cause being that Audi is at it again.  There has been alot of commentary about Audi's tediously self-regarding SB 51 commercial addressing the "wage gap".  Here is fair commentary that I can't outdo.

I would only note that this is not the first time Audi has been annoyingly superior than thou.  See here - right-thinking folks are virtuous and ought to get to cut the line.  Again, what Audi is doing here is fawning all over upper class, white urban lefties in the hopes that they'll choose Audi over BMW or Mercedes or Lexus.