Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Audi's Message: Teabaggers Suck...????

I'll have to go back and freshen up on my geography. Apparently there is a place called Teabagger America. Didn't know that. It must be somewhere off to the side of Elitist Jerkoff America, dispatches from which can be found here, where people a) take a car commercial too seriously and b) strain and contort to misread the message. Apparently, the message of Audi's commercial is that "living more sustainably is in fact the moral thing to do" and Audi can, blessedly, help you do it. Interesting. Why show a draconian green police state then as the foil? Why not show lush scenery of clean, unspoiled nature with cleaner air and shiny happy everything? After all, don't you get people to embrace a higher good by appealing to their better angels rather than threatening them with harsh enforcement mechanisms? Remember, it takes a constant struggle to see what is right in front of our noses, and the denizens of Elitist Jerkoff America are well-known to avoid that struggle. The message of that Audi commercial was clear as day: buy an Audi and you get to cut the line (literally in the commercial), you get a pass, you get absolved from environmental original sin while all the other peons have their freedoms restricted and lives disrupted because they haven't chosen as righteously as you. This is exactly how liberals think and this is exactly what Audi was targeting - rich liberals who spend their money in such a way as to feel righteous and absolved and who, frankly, don't give a rat's tookus about the freedoms of the broader populace. Audi offerred an invitation to feel special and have special privileges if only the proper stance is taken, which is the essence of modern liberal progressivism. This ad was not intended to get some plumber in Paducah to trade in his pickup truck for an Audi, it was to get some middle/upper class liberals to buy an Audi over, say, a BWM or a Lexus. They apparently don't know much about Marketing in Elitist Jerkoff America either.

Oh, and what does all this have to do with the Tea Party movement? Who knows. It appears, however, to be a requirement of citizenship in Elitist Jerkoff America to take incongruant jabs at people who endeavor to protect their liberties.


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