Thursday, February 09, 2017

Warren vs. Sessions Is Another Oblique Anti-Southern Unforced Error

Here is the jujitsu strategery behind the Rule 19 rebuke of Elizabeth "Sitting Bullshit" Warren.
The more she speaks, the better for conservatives.
That is true, but there is more.  Over the last, oh say, 20 years, the Democrats have abandoned (abandoned in the sense of kick, punch, hog-tie, spit on and then walk away from) certain very large electoral, the South, and married women.  Even regular Democrats, to say nothing of "liberal Democrats," have been all but swept from the South.

Republicans relish this, it's a huge pickup for them, and it could last a generation or longer if all goes well.  So anytime the Dems want to shit on the South, Republicans are gonna let 'em, and this example is the triple bacon cheeseburger of political red meat - shrill, socialist harridan of Massachusetts raging against calm, collected, grey-haired man with a heavy Alabama twang.

This about making Warren the voice of the Dems AND about shoring up what is now a Republican fortress in the American South.


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