Thursday, November 10, 2016

To Progressive Whiners

Dear Progressive Whiners,

Please be assured that in the America that emerges in the wake of our most recent election, nobody will  deport, jail, inhibit, harass, waylay, Shangai, relegate, exile, oppress, persecute, torture, or subjugate you in any way.

You will however be mocked, ridiculed, caricatured, satired, gibed, taunted and generally lampooned should you not cease to be such ridiculous f**king weenies, pantywaists, babies, chickens, milquetoasts, fraidy-cats, pansies, wusses, milksops and all-around intestinal weaklings.

We have serious problems and we need serious people to help solve them.  No Pajama Boys Need Apply.



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