Thursday, November 10, 2016

Earnest, Sincere, Dour William Galston Is Earnestly and Dourly...Wrong

Let's pile on the media some's fun.

Despite the perfunctory caveat that he went to press before we knew the outcome of the election, William Galston pens a Year 1 road map for our next POTUS, and embarassingly sees HRC as a foregone conclusion.

"Mrs. Clinton must reach out..."

"So she should challenge the bipartisan congressional leadership..."

"She should avoid unforced errors that heighten partisanship.."

"She should make it clear that she intends to determine the composition of her own administration..."

"In shaping her first-year agenda, Mrs. Clinton cannot possibly..."

"This does not mean that Mrs. Clinton will (or should) simply repropose the bill..."

"Finally, Mrs. Clinton should pledge to avoid the language of demonization..."
Wow.  That's alot of stuff...and alot of assumption, alot of arrogant, cluelessly unknowing assumption.

Final tidbit...
"Instead, she should be forthright with the Republican leadership: Their failure to take their own party chairman’s advice to address this issue after Mitt Romney’s woeful performance among Latino voters set the stage for Donald Trump’s insurgency—and for his defeat."


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