Thursday, November 10, 2016

Identity Politics Model Is Not Sustainable

You've heard of the "non-apology apology"? 

Well, if this WSJ article is to be believed (and perhaps not because it is very early days) we can coin some new terms, like the "tired and stale fresh approach" or something to that effect.

The article explores some thoughts on how the Democrats - now nearly completely eviscerated except for their most impenetrable coastal redoubts - can reboot.  Lots of happy talk about being more inclusive, which is code for more identity politics.  Not one single inkling that maybe they should stop calling people racist or stop calling men sexist or stop calling everybody a homophobe.

This is not a problem hidden deep in the weeds of our politics.  Let's harken back to one of Dan Henninger's best columns, "The New Stupid Party".  Read both but here's the upshot
When you've so thoroughly alienated entire swaths of the American electorate, it doesn't matter if you mobilize a small army of Sandra Flukes and the ObamaPhone Underclass, you're going to lose - there a lot of white guys, married gals and Southerners out there.
Well, the ObamaPhone Underclass stayed home and all those white people in - most notably Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan and North Carolina - who've been told they're racist these last eight years know the story.

Too early to say whether the Democrats have learned nothing.  It bears watching, but the Identity Politics Model where everything runs on racial or gender grievance is breaking down, perhaps never to work again.  It is not sustainable to use a favorite word of the left.


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