Monday, November 07, 2016

Enthusiasm Gap...Kinda

Me and Baseball Tyke #2 made the trip back from Richmond, VA to North Cackalacky on a beautiful fall day yesterday, Sunday.  Granted it was that part of the state where I would have expected a skewed result - western outskirts of Richmond southwest down into central NC - but we saw numerous large, prominent Trump/Pence signs all along the road.  And not a single Clinton/Kaine sign, not even a measly bumper sticker on a beat up Subaru driven by an aging hippie living down there in NASCAR country (Martinsville, Rockingham).  Not a one.

Granted, if we were up in Northern Virginia, it would be reversed, but the enthusiasm gap was palpable.  It might not matter for the election though, red state Virginia is smaller than blue state Virginia.  I report you decide.

What would be interesting is to see lopsided or unexpected signs of an enthusiasm gap in swing states or traditionally blue states.  Like this.


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