Thursday, October 13, 2016

Reacting to the News

What to make of this?

1)  Seems interesting.  Perhaps we know more now about history and this piece of our heritage. Maybe science has brought us that much closer to the truth.  If so, it is what it is.  Either way, it's cool.

2) We must damn the Chinese retroactively for "cultural appropriation".

3) We must shout down these so-called "scientists" who are really just Western imperialist hacks looking to denigrate eastern cultural and artistic achievements because they are racist.

4)  It's George W. Bush's fault.

5)  Allow the Greeks to take back the Terracotta Warriors, much in the same way the world has clamored to have the Elgin Marbles returned.

6)  This discovery is an urgent call to action to do something about climate change.

7)  Donald Trump said "pussy"!!!!!!!!!!!!


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