Wednesday, October 12, 2016

NFL Is In Denial...Big, Giant DENIAL

I wrote about this before...

Goodell & Co. are trying to convince themselves it's the election and not Kaepnernick's metastasizing bullshit.  Wrong.

People are actually tuned OUT of the election.  I know I am.  I have, literally, MORE leisure time because I am not closely following who said the word "pussy" or who broke our laws about government records and how each of these and many other factors are moving the polls.  Thus, I have MORE time to watch football...

And yet I'm not...PRECISELY because of this Kaepnerick stuff.  I want, in my own small, probably meaningless, way to send a message to this class of entertainers (just like Hollywood d**kheads) that I could care less about their puerile sentiments, empty gestures and overall sense of superiority whereby they need to lecture the rest of us.  My only hope, really, is to contribute my trifling non-participation into the pot where tens of thousands of others may have done the same, thus creating a "preference cascade" that results in measurable disapproval and/or sanction.

The NFL ratings decline of 2016 is a preference cascade of displeasure directly related to everything embodied by Kaepernick's empty, moronic and self-obsessed gesture.

Full stop.  Roger.


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