Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Bubba Signals Dems: It's OK to Trash ObamaCare

Bubba is slamming ObamaCare as such an obvious mess...

...and yet for 6 years every Democrat in the land has been unflinchingly on message about ObamaCare's clear and obvious awesomeness.  It has been hailed as the greatest achievement possible in America.  It was the apotheosis of American greatness.  No criticism would be tolerated.

And now Bubba goes 180 degrees on them, which means it's OK for other Dems to finally jump ship.

What is going on here?  One, Bubba is just sticking the knife in Obama, trashing the last thin thread of a legacy that the Lightworker might have, precisely as Obama attempts mightily to convince anyone who will listen how awesome it is.  Two, he's teeing up a healthcare redo by Hillary who will want her Presidency (if) to be remembered for fixing Obama's mess.

This is how Bubba rolls.  Get the Obama administration to cover up for Hillary and when that's done, follow it up with a hearty trashing of the Obama administration.


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