Friday, September 23, 2016

The Planet Somehow Has Feelings, And Your Kids Hurt Them

Here we go again...humanity hating lefties are turning up the climate change volume yet again.  When they really want to get loud, they don't rail on fossil fuels or plastic cups or cow farts...they rail on you.  

For it's you they hate.  They want less of you.

Want to Slow Climate Change? Stop Having Babies

Here's the latest from the humanity-hating Gaia-worshippers, written under the guise or "moral philosophy."  Just the title is enough to make you stop reading, although that is not the Johns Hopkins dude's fault, that's some copywriter at Bloomberg.  Still, posing the question that way will immediately get people to say "Then NO, I don't want to slow climate change."

That's the flaw in lefty thinking, that derives from insularity.  They assume, because they cocoon themselves intellectually, that everybody wants to slow climate change.  That's their starting point because they probably don't meet alot, if any, people who don't want to slow climate change, or at least don't profess so.  Thus they will be shocked when the vast majority of people, who are told severe sacrifices are in order, simply say "no," because it is not a priority.

I say have children.  In fact have alot of children if you can support them and care for them.  Have that third child.


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