Monday, September 19, 2016

Small Man-Made Disasters in NY, NJ and MN

In re coordinated bombs in NY and NJ, media are reporting a person of interest's name as Billy Jones, rabid Tea Partier and angry, white male Trump supporter.  Beyond that, we don't know much but it is safe to say that his motivations are racism, sexism, homophobia and the motherfucker probably hates ObamaCare too. 

Trolled you!  You actually thought the above was what was happening, didn't you?  Well, after the last 15 years, especially the last eight, that's what sensible Americans have come to expect from our media.  It's hardly a caricature anymore.

Actually, this is likely what will be reported...police are seeking a person of interest, Samir Ahmed Mohommed, an immigrant from (insert Muslim country here), but it is unclear if the bombing has any connection to terrorism.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch says we don't know, and frankly, we may never know Mohommed's intention in setting off the bombs.

And as it pertains to "apparent stabbings" in a mall in Minnesota, President Obama said this is not an existential threat to America, so if you were stabbed, a loved-one was stabbed or are just fearful of going to the mall now, you shouldn't worry...more people die bird-watching than due to this sort of thing.


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