Friday, August 26, 2016

Ugh. Why Do Lefties Still Advocate Theft?

I thought I squashed this years ago, but the asinine notion will not go away...

RTWT but here is the beginning...
What exactly is "healthcare"? I will start with the simplest input. It is the knowledge and experience of healthcare professionals - doctors, nurses, EMT technicians, etc. Where does this knowledge come from? Schooling. Lots of very expensive schooling. Granted medical school students are readily financed, but the ultimate financial obligation rests with them, they have invested in ("bought") the intellectual capital of a medical education. It also comes from rigorous on the job training.
and ending...
How did we ever get to the point where we feel that the real cost of all of these inputs (education, land, labor, invention) must be ignored? We blithely bandy about the word "healthcare" with all of its connotations of life and the individual and we think nothing of advocating stealing what is somebody else's property, which is exactly what we do when we invoke the need for "healthcare" at anything less than the full market value of all that it takes to provide it?


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