Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Loathesome Cartel for Critical Product About to Break

Feel good story of the day:  Hideous cartel, instituted by a foreign government in order to keep prices high for their customers around the world while protecting a key industry at home, is starting to show signs of cracking due to the beneficent workings of the free market.


No, the maple syrup producers of Quebec.

And there is this tidbit:
Unsold syrup is sent to a strategic reserve in Laurierville, Quebec, the scene of a notorious 2012 heist.
Cartelization drove the price up and put government in charge, and guess what...there was corruption!  Insiders at the government-run warehouse made off with $18 million of the golden gooey stuff.


Blogger Suncraig said...

There is a strategic reserve of maple syrup in Canada, who knew?

6:10 PM  

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