Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Death Spiral

I notice that even the WaPo is using the phrase "death spiral" to describe Venezuela's economic plight.

Remember folks you heard it here, maybe not first, but over and over and over...

Also, remember, the lefties will try to convince you that this is all about low oil prices.  That's BULLSHIT.  High oil prices allowed Venezuela to avoid, temporarily, the inevitable terrible  consequences of very stupid economic policies that were driven by a fervent, quasi-socialist ideology.  Low oil prices removed the ability to hide the disaster underneath.  There are low oil prices all over the world - Texas, North Dakota, Iran, Kuwait, Norway, etc.  Do we read about looting and food shortages in Norway?  No.  And, I'm pretty sure you can buy toilet paper in Calgary.  Don't let some lefty tell you this is about oil, it's about socialism.


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