Sunday, September 11, 2016

Colin Kaepernick Completes Our Journey to Farce

In the era of America's first black President, a bi-racial multi-million dollar athlete, raised by his adoptive white parents, decries the injustice done to blacks...mostly highlighted by a few individual blacks that were killed at the hands of law enforcement while committing crimes or resisting law enforcement because of previous criminal activity.

This is more than Farce.  It may be the perfecting of Farce that our greatest creative minds could scarcely have imagined.


Blogger Sonny Covington said...

As a coach who has mentored and help raise inner city black children over 20 years, I find kRaepernick to be a joke with his misguided continuation of the perpetual movement of a small number of African Americans who disregard the reality that a small number of African-American's are hell bent on self destruction. Blame is laid at the feet of others (Primarily Whites) and the role of victimization is glamorized. This handicaps those who buy into this false narrative, especially children. American's maintain Affirmative action laws, which is self imposed reverse discrimination favoring minorities, giving unfair advantage in work, education and business contracts. His ignorance is mind boggling.

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