Friday, September 02, 2016

Media: How Many Guns Do Gun Nuts Need?

Once again the media is convincing itself - and trying to convince you - that gun nuts are driving up sales by purchasing guns number 36, 37, and 38 to add to their personal collection arsenal.  The truth is that millions of Americans are buying guns number 1, 2 or 3.

The surge in sales we are seeing, evidenced by S&W's reported numbers, can only be driven by new entrants to the market, i.e. first-time buyers and new owners.  Over the last few years millions of new gun owners have entered the market.  Quite simply, people have gone from "I don't want/need a gun in the house" to "I would like to have a gun in the house."  In droves.  And many of those folks have second homes.  If you want a gun for your main home, the same probably holds true for your lake house or mountain cabin.  Sure, you could transport one gun back and forth, but why not avoid the hassle for, what, $700?  Voila, from 0 guns to 2 guns (or more) in a heartbeat.

The other day I was reading Jim Geraghty's piece about the America that Obama will leave behind.  It's good, but it fails to mention this aspect.  Obama will leave behind a vastly more (broadly and deeply) armed American citizenry.  And not by happenstance, he was not a passive watcher or forces outside his control.  Obama fed and fueled consumer demand for firearms by aggressively re-animating a fading gun-control agenda on the political left to the point where it is a key plank of the party platform that no candidate of the left can ignore. 


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