Monday, August 29, 2016

Cornell Murder

I guess it falls to me to say the unPC thing here...I guarantee this kid was not murdered by a marauding gang of white Ivy League kids.  He was at a party, probably with other students of his ethnic or racial group.  Chances are - just as it is ALL OVER AMERICA - his killer was the same color as he.  The fact that this occurred on a college campus is interesting but not relevant, this very likely was just another black-on-black homicide the likes of which happen constantly across America.  If it happened in "Chiraq" (Chicago, IL) to someone other than Dwayne Wade's cousin, it wouldn't make the news.

Yes, you can take the kid out of the " 'hood", but if he hangs out with a bunch of other kids from just different " 'hoods", you haven't eliminated the risks of the " 'hood" in his life.  The "hood" is in the mind.

UPDATE:  Verbatim from CNN's coverage..."physical altercations broke out after the event, Ithaca police said. Police did not name the event."

Of course not.  Why?  It was an Omega Phi Psi, the black fraternity, event.  Doesn't fit the narrative.  Turns out blacks are killing each other not just on the streets of our inner cities, but on Ivy League campuses as well.  Nothing to see here, move along...oh, and black lives matter Mr. Kaepernick...


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