Thursday, September 22, 2016

Charlotte: Black Cop, Black Police Chief, (Black President and AG)...But Somehow Whites Are Devils

Here is what I'm talking victim, black cop, black police chief...and we're devils???

The truth is this, there is ALOT of goodwill between blacks and whites.  But the goodwill comes in all shapes and sizes, most of it is genuine goodwill, that of understanding and fellowship.  Some of it is unearned, the product of guilt, brow-beating and haranguing. Blame us for things that are not our fault and call us racists when we are not and that'll be the first kind of goodwill to go.  Keep at and the real stuff will go too.  Point is, this kind of stuff diminishes goodwill.

Any open society is a two way street.  A white guy didn't radio-control Officer Brentley Vinson to shoot Keith Scott in some racist real-life video game.  This was law enforcement vs. lawlessness.  At some point you have to be for one or the other.


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