Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ugh. More "Gun Nut" Meme

Ugh, this meme will not go away...lefties are insistent that it's all just a very small group of gun nuts that keep buying millions of guns.

As I've already written, this is wrong.  But let's at least try to tackle this argument somewhat on its own terms.  OK, so eight or more guns among 3% of the population means there are some serious gun owners out there.  Eight or more is a "super-owner." 

Hmmm, that describes...well, me.  OK, so I'm a "super-owner."   Scary, but I'll own it.  But the crucial difference between this "super-owner" and a lefty's idea of a "super-owner" is that I am new to the market, as opposed to part of that static, neanderthal, unfortunate block of people who somehow, somewhere were told that guns are OK.  Before aged 40, the number of guns I owned was zero.  I went from nothing to "super-owner" in a flash.  There are tens thousands of people like me, who went from zero to many in no time at all.  So whatever point the lefties are trying to make, one point that they are wrong about is that it is not a static population buying ever-increasing numbers of guns.  The population of gun owners is growing rapidly from what was once largely a static group.

And if you're a lefty, THAT perhaps should be the worrying part, not that there are "gun nuts" out there, but that their ranks are growing by leaps and bounds every day. 

And who are these freshly minted "gun nuts"?  Again, describing the only one for which I have unimpeachable  They are educated, affluent, family-oriented, and often leaders in their community.  They have re-thought alot of the premises under which they grew up and generally have a deep understanding of the 2nd Amendment, its ongoing jurisprudence and of crime and gun-related statistics.  They know that they are NOT contributing to our problems.


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