Monday, October 03, 2016

Obama At His Most Contemptible...?

In Minnesota, state officials are allowing ObamaCare rates to increase 50% or more to save the state's exchange from collapse.

No comment is necessary, except that I was one of many voices that predicted the collapse of this idiotic scheme.  A rudimentary understanding of economics would have led any clear-thinking person to the same conclusion.

Now, on to the typically contemptible reaction of the Lightworker...and when I say contemptible I mean truly worthy of your deepest opprobrium.
President Barack Obama said his signature health-care law has “real problems” that have been exacerbated by congressional gridlock and political polarization.
“They’re eminently fixable problems in terms of strengthening the marketplace, improving the subsidies so more folks can get it, making sure everybody has Medicaid who was qualified under the original legislation, doing more on the cost containment,” Obama said in an interview published Sunday in New York Magazine. “But you hit a point where if Congress just is not willing to make any constructive modifications and it’s all political football, then you’re getting a suboptimal solution.”
There is no other reaction than 'How dare that m****f***er.' 

Dems own this sucker lock, stock and barrel.  To them, it was always and everywhere the greatest, best thing ever that would work splendidly and that Americans would love it..and they would brook no opposition to that view point.  Republicans ran screaming from Obamacare, it garnered not a single vote from any congressional Republican.  Republicans have mapped out how it would collapse and proposed alternatives.  Obama and the Dems fought it tooth and nail, choosing to die on the ObamaCare Hill.  Now it is collapsing exactly as we have said and yet it is our duty to fix it says Obama.

No.  It is not.

Your crap law.  If you can't fix it, which you can't, shut up and let someone else fix it.


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