Wednesday, July 03, 2013

ObamaCare Inches Toward Collapse

Not too long ago, I wrote this
this development is probably most interesting in that it is yet another pillar of ObamaCare that is crumbling before our eyes. Despite the sanction by Chief Justice Roberts and the failure to roll back ObamaCare at the ballot box, the unwieldy, poorly-constructed law still might crater in on itself of its own weight. We have already seen two elements of the law - the 1099 provision and the CLASS program - go completely up in flames. Currently at risk are the state-run insurance exchanges, which 16 states, at current count, have declined to setup, which throws ObamaCare's funding legitimacy into question. Also at risk are several of the law's provisions that appear to violate the right of religious freedom and are pending in several courts across the country. Now, we have this medical device tax, which is at risk. How many of these pieces have to fail or be retracted before the law itself fails - not fails to perform as advertised, it'll never do that, but fails to simply function? It looks like we're going to see.
Now it looks like the employer mandate, which has just been delayed a year, has become another source of instability for the edifice of ObamaCare. It is all TBD, but ObamaCare is a tiny bit closer to collapsing than it was yesterday.

UPDATE: More here. Looks like some deeper yogurt than I anticipated...


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