Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"I Took It and I Didn't Cry" (and You Will Too)

New York News | NYC Breaking News

This is hard to watch.  It is a violent home invasion caught on tape, showing a massive man savagely beating a defenseless mother of a young child.  What is even more disturbing for me is that this took place in the town where I grew up, a town where this type of thing never happens.  This town is 15 miles due west of downtown Manhattan and is one of the richest and leafiest suburbs in the New York City area.  Sections of this town have some of the most valuable homes in America and some of the richest people in the whole country call this town home. Violent crime is unheard of.  This is precisely the type of town where you would think this sort of thing can't happen, and that is precisely how residents feel.  That is how I felt and everyone I knew growing up felt, this kind of stuff just doesn't happen here.  Well, it just did.  Thank God that it didn't turn out like another home invasion in a similarly leafy and "immune" town.

And this state's elected representatives are working furiously on legislation that would all but prevent this woman, or any woman, in the state of NJ from protecting herself and her home with the same means that millions of other Americans use to protect themselves and their homes from violent criminals. When those laws pass, and they will, future victims will have to take this victim's advice...
"I took it and I didn't cry the entire time"


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