Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hoboken NJ Transit Crash

As a NJ native and 25-year NY state resident, I am intimately familiar with the metro New York City public transportation system.  Want to know my snap analysis?

Unless the driver had a medical episode (heart-attack, stroke, etc.), I'm betting he train driver was asleep.

Yup.  Gross negligence.  These trains don't really have a great safety record.  A year or two ago, a Metro North train driver blew through the speed limits and sent the train off the track into the ravine.  There are many more examples.

The system is prone to this because of unionism.  Let me say something a little incendiary (incendiary mostly because it's true) - the people that operate our trains are NOT dedicated public servants committed to our safety.  Mostly, they are people just doing a job and trying to do it well, just like you and me.  Unionism, however, through mal-incentives morphs some of those people into "clock-punchers," i.e. people not looking to do a job the best they can, but people looking to do the minimum for the pay and benefits that are guaranteed so long as a minimum hurdle is cleared.  Corners are always cut because unionism removes accountability for cutting corners.

Obviously, there will be an investigation and we'll see, but I'm laying down my marker now.  Gross negligence on the part of a unionized driver mailing it in.  I've taken hundreds of trips into Hoboken Terminal, there is rock-solid protocol about slowing down well in advance of getting to the terminal.  The driver was incapacitated or asleep.


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