Friday, October 07, 2016

Media Campaign to Tarnish Brexit Continues

Many many stories of this ilk will be coming out in the months ahead. 

Be very skeptical of them.  The political left, inclusive of the media of course, took a hit with the Brexit vote and they are determined to claw back some part of that loss.  They will do so by trashing the fallout and the implementation of Brexit.  They will continue to pound Brexit as a reactionary result foisted on right-thinking people by racist rubes.

Don't buy it.  The European Union is, at bottom, a leftist project, perhaps the grandest leftist project.  Damage to the EU is damage to a major pillar of modern leftism.  The media is desperate to extract victory from the jaws of defeat.

The Brits understand free trade, and you CAN have free trade without all the other nonsense that comes with the EU version of free trade.  It is highly likely that Theresa May/Brexit vision will reflect Britain's free trade interests while keeping EU intrusions at bay.  This will be an enormous win for Britain, despite media caterwauling and sob stories over some poor Mexican living in London.


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