Thursday, December 18, 2014

Henninger: Who's Stupid?

Pulitzer-prize winning WSJ Opinion columnist Dan Henninger has a must read column today, not so much for its penetrating analysis, but for its synthesis of what we all know into something obvious, yet upside-down to conventional wisdom.  The column is titled, "The New Stupid Party" and he, indisputably in my view, has a point.  Democrats are lapping the GOP on stupid.

The left has mocked, derided and made the American South an object is its elitist disdain for decades.  As of November the Democrats have all but been swept from the South in toto.  The left has mocked, dismissed and raged at white males for decades.  As Henninger points out 64% of white males voted Republican in this last election.  The elitist left has mocked, derided and ridiculed women of the right - mostly notably in the person of Sarah Palin - for decades.  Married women went for Mitt Romney 53-46 in 2012. 

The Dems didn't merely choose to disagree, they mocked, they belittled, they scoffed.  And they've been washed away except for an angry, largely powerless lame duck POTUS.

When you've so thoroughly alienated entire swaths of the American electorate, it doesn't matter if you mobilize a small army of Sandra Flukes and the ObamaPhone Underclass, you're going to lose - there a lot of white guys, married gals and Southerners out there.

Henninger is right, but I feel he's being too kind, the Warren Dems are not the New Stupid Party, they're the F**king Crazy Party.  But I quibble.


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