Monday, November 07, 2016

My Take From 2012 Revisited

Here is what I wrote in the runup to the 2012 election:
Many Americans are still spitting mad at the MSM/EJM for their despicable performance in the 2008 campaign, a performance which continues today, and the thicker they lay it on, the more they slobber over Obama, the more grossed out it will make regular Americans and the more it will galvanize an anti-Obama coalition. The media will conduct Act II of its slobbering love affair from a vastly diminshed position in American society, with vastly reduced influence, this time around.
I got the 2012 call wrong, but this analysis holds up pretty well.  Actually, I think this has gotten MORE correct.  After four additional years of covering for Obama's bumbling and renewing the slobbering subservience to the Dems in the form of the Hillary project, Americans are that much more disgusted.  Thus the willingness to lift a man such as Trump to within a razor-thin margin of the White House a day before election day.

...and there was also this...
But now, after the appalling behavior of the elitist jerkoff media (I have recently determined that "MSM" does not accurately convey the perfidy, arrogance and willfull negligence of our major news sources, so I coined a new term


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