Friday, January 26, 2018

Idiot President Steals Globalists' Stage Right Before Their Eyes

Remember folks...Trump is an idiot.

Nonetheless, out of sheer happenstance (because he's an idiot, remember), Trump has managed to steal the limelight and suck all the oxygen out of the world's premiere globalist gabfest and turn it into a commercial for doing business in America.  Scott Adams call your office.

Years ago I recall headlines such as "The Committee to Save the World" in regards to Davos, and many other such fawning coverage of this gathering of eminences, as if we should all bow down before it. 

I can't think of anything more delightful than Trump taking this insufferable, self-important confab and essentially stealing it from all the assorted elitist dickheads who typically attend.  All the headlines prior to were dread and fraught anticipation about Trump's attendance and all the headlines during are what he'll say, and all the headlines after will be "what just happened?"

He stole the thing, it's gone. Bwahahahahha and all that.  Not bad for an idiot.

Prediction:  In a year, Davos will have lost alot of luster among global elites.  If Trump can waltzed in and mess it up, what's the point.  There will be much less hype and excitement next year after Davos has been stained by Trump.  Genius.


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