Thursday, December 22, 2016

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Monday, December 19, 2016

How Are My Five Pillars Holding Up?

Hey, remember my five pillars of investing in these times?

Quick review and update:
1) The US Federal Government is Broke - Nothing changed here...
2)  Inflation is Coming - Fed admitted so last week when they raised rates
3) Global Warming Is Dead - Trump picks Perry and Pruitt to fill cabinet, Paris accords dying...
4)  The Future Does Not Belong to China - China debts gotten worse, they're defending the yuan like crazy...
5)  War Is Coming - Hmm, Aleppo is in ruins, Russian ambassador shot, China putting weapons on those man-made islands...


Hey, no biggie...

Wars don't start this way...

Obama Denouement

Michael Goodwin says that it ends with a whimper, wrapped up in recriminations and self-pity.


Nearly the very day the Lightworker was elected, I said we bought ourselves a pig in a poke.  I since elaborated on my we should have expected nothing short of disappointment.  It was written in the stars...inevitable.
That anybody expected even the most basic level of governance from Obama, let alone monumental and transformative things, is the story of greatest import here. And it is not that the hope, dreams and expectations placed into the Obama vessel were so grand, it is that the vessel that is Obama is so small. I have said it before - in November of '08 I said we bought ourselves a pig in a poke. Later I said that disappointment and pain is what we deserve given that we elected a man of no consequence and no achievement to the highest office in the land. Why we expected a man with no discernable track record or proven record of leadership to lead and to achieve in the name of this massive and complex society is a story of historical proportions. Did we think that plucking just any man off the street - essentially what we did - to wield enormous power was wise? And a young man to boot. And a man who never held a job at a profit-making organization. Why did we think that the wisdom acquired over a long life and the first hand knowledge of commerce gained by private sector work somehow weren't relevant anymore? Why did we think that - after over 200 years of electing (with a few exceptions) staid, boring, but presumably wise, adults, who could draw to them the counsel and assistance of many more wise, older adults - we needed a rock star of relative adolescence? Why did we think that a man with no knowledge of the private sector would lead a mostly private sector nation out of a severe economic slump? Why did we think that a man who consorted with raving America-haters would inspire a mostly proud and patriotic nation to excellence? Why did we think that a man who views our role in the world as flawed would draw our allies nearer to us? Why did we think these things?
From Day one, I saw this.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Left on Tillerson and Puzder: How Dare They Be Effective!


That was his job.  As was selling hamburgers to, mostly, young men was Andy Puzder's. So his company advertised thusly...

The point then, at bottom is that both of these men were effective at their jobs. 


Friday, December 09, 2016



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