Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Economic News Does Not Bend to Will of Obama

Dear Leader got another bad jobs report today. (As I have said, unemployment will be his Achilles' Heel - he made a potentially fatal mistake in out-sourcing the stimulus bill to Pelosi/Obey and Reid. {btw, a mistake he is making again by outsourcing healthcare reform to Henry Waxman}) While I am upset for our country and those suffering economic hardship, we get what we deserve - we elected a man of zero consequence and achievement to lead us, we gave barely-disguised socialists control of our legislative bodies, and we, frankly, join in on the demonizing and threatening of the one proven source of sustainable job creation, entrepreneurs and the private sector. As a result, the job creators are hiding out. This was not hard to see coming, in fact it was hard to not see, and yet we as a country we were blind to what was staring us right in the face.

Final thought, why do you think members of the Great Sausage Factory are so hot to tout the putative success of "Cash for Clunkers" despite the dubiousness of the claim? Because it is the only thing they can point to that is remotely stimulative. Yep, just $1 billion of the $787 billion has met with a bare minimum of success and they are crowing like the cock of the walk.

We'd be better off with 535 completely new elected members of Congress. I would be thrilled, even if the partisan makeup of Congress didn't change, to literally cashier every member and start fresh with 535 new individuals. "Slaughter the incumbents," I say.

UPDATE: More evidence that the stimulus was a bust if the goal was employment (hint: it wasn't that was not what you were told!). No shit Sherlock. If you crap all over business, busines won't hire no matter how much sugar you try to ladle on to the corn flakes.


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