Thursday, May 31, 2018

What the Fuck Is Justin Trudeau Talking About?

First off, the guy doesn't even have his numbers in the ballpark...
“What’s the U.S. debt approaching now, is it a trillion dollars?” he said, though it was unclear if he was referring to the debt or deficit.
Well, he said "debt" so we should assume he means debt.  No, our debt, sadly, isn't a trillion dollars. Way more than that actually.  At least a factor of 10, Prime Minister Heartthrob.

I understand where this is coming from, he's dizzy after coming off such a bad week.  He boxed himself into a corner and was forced to do what a huge chunk of his supporters would consider heresy - he spent $4.5 billion of Canadian taxpayer dollars to OIL PIPELINE!!   He has done the Obama-thing in hitting the sour spot, wherein you please no one - his hipster green supporters have to be aghast and fiscally-minded right-leaning folks are probably not thrilled with the use of federal dollars.

All this and more has been driving the value of the Loonie down against the USD, so all things made-in-America are now more expensive for everyday Canadians.  This is the backdrop to his ostensibly tough stance on trade, a $16 billion dollar-for-dollar retaliatory tariff package.  Um, someone ought to tell his Heartthrobness that a country of 330 million peeps can absorb $16 billion easier than a country of 30 million souls.  Canadians will now have to pay $16 billion in tariffs on certain goods AND with a weaker currency...take THAT Americans!

So, he's a little disoriented.  So what does an empty lefty do to regain gender/race stuff.

Trudeau is set to stress gender measures when G-7 leaders meet on June 8 and 9. “This is an argument, and a very compelling argument, that you create better success, better growth for our countries and our world when we include women,” he said.
Maybe if Saudi Arabia or Iran were part of the G-7 then we'd have something here, but the G-7 is already the choir on this gender stuff (hint: Germany and the UK are run by women), but preach he will.

Meanwhile, every business leader across Canada is lamenting the loss of competitiveness and the resurgence of a reputation for ineptitude but the Prime Minister is going to trot out the standard platitudes when Canada takes center stage for a few days by hosting the G-7.  It won't be an embarrassment on par with this, but it'll be embarrassing nonetheless.

To all my Canadian friends and associates:  "I feel for ya', eh."

Thursday, May 03, 2018

I Warned You About Elon Musk

There have been red flags about Elon Musk aplenty.  I warned a few times.

This latest is no surprise. 

Remember, all Tesla has proven is that they can build a very expensive car that appeals to very rich people.  All the rest is speculative. 

My prediction:  Tesla craters and is owned by GM or Ford or some entity like that 5 years from now.