Friday, January 26, 2018

Idiot President Steals Globalists' Stage Right Before Their Eyes

Remember folks...Trump is an idiot.

Nonetheless, out of sheer happenstance (because he's an idiot, remember), Trump has managed to steal the limelight and suck all the oxygen out of the world's premiere globalist gabfest and turn it into a commercial for doing business in America.  Scott Adams call your office.

Years ago I recall headlines such as "The Committee to Save the World" in regards to Davos, and many other such fawning coverage of this gathering of eminences, as if we should all bow down before it. 

I can't think of anything more delightful than Trump taking this insufferable, self-important confab and essentially stealing it from all the assorted elitist dickheads who typically attend.  All the headlines prior to were dread and fraught anticipation about Trump's attendance and all the headlines during are what he'll say, and all the headlines after will be "what just happened?"

He stole the thing, it's gone. Bwahahahahha and all that.  Not bad for an idiot.

Prediction:  In a year, Davos will have lost alot of luster among global elites.  If Trump can waltzed in and mess it up, what's the point.  There will be much less hype and excitement next year after Davos has been stained by Trump.  Genius.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Shelby Steele Says the Unsayable in re Race Relations

This Shelby Steele article is pure genius.  It has more wisdom on race relations in America today than a decade's worth of NY Times yammering.

Here are key excerpts with my translations and/or observations I've made here over the years.

We blacks have lived in a bubble since the 1960s because whites have been deferential for fear of being seen as racist. ...  It causes whites to retreat into deference and blacks to become nothing more than victims.
Yup, if the rules are stupid and/or stacked so that everything is racist, well, we're not gonna engage.  No engagement means no progress.
 What is remarkable about this response is that it may foretell a new fearlessness in white America—a new willingness in whites (and blacks outside the victim-focused identity) to say to blacks what they really think and feel, to judge blacks fairly by standards that are universal. 
This is both so sad and too long in coming.  You can't demand to be taken seriously and also be treated like children as well...pick one.  If this is true, which i doubt it is, blacks should welcome this...being treated fairly and honestly, despite a difficult message, is the sign of acceptance.
 To a degree, black America’s self-esteem is invested in the illusion that we live under a cloud of continuing injustice.
This is an incendiary claim and rubs a raw wound, but it has much truth to it.   There is alot of black failure out there - broken families and all that, but also in collective performance.  I've pointed this out before - Baltimore, Newark, Detroit...places where blacks run the show have deep deep problems and lag the nation in livability by a wide margin.  When you mismanage whole cities and doom whole generations of kids to poorly educated status, well...better look for the BIG excuse.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Another Round to Trump

Hey, I'm gonna be an amateur Scott Adams for a day and dissect what Trump is doing.  So here goes...

Trump is using a well-known and excellent tactic to deal with his political enemies and detractors that goes like this...

1) pursue a posture or policy stance that goes under- or unarticulated;
2) allow it to receive enormous criticism from all quarters, detractors as well as supporters, who think they detect the logic in it but are bewildered at the lack of promotion and who start to second guess;
3) after everyone has positioned themselves farther out on the limb (political enemies being farthest out on that limb);
4) saw off that enemies fall to ground and hurt themselves

Trump baited anyone and everyone to question his sanity only to have this hit the news today...
“I have no concerns about his cognitive ability,” Dr. Ronny Jackson told reporters on Tuesday.
Jackson told reporters Trump scored 30/30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which according to its website is a “cognitive screening test designed to assist Health Professionals in the detection of mild cognitive impairment...”
Whoops, all that raving about his cognitive ability looks dumb...another round to Trump.

Friday, January 12, 2018

C'mon, Really. Is Haiti NOT a Shithole?

Trump's vulgarity is sort of a divine palliative intervention to our accumulated other words, he was sent to us to say the things that we have bullied ourselves out of saying...

I mean Haiti NOT a shithole? 

Seriously, regardless of the color of the skin of its inhabitants, I think it is fairly inarguable that it is a shithole. 

In all seriousness, Trump's question is inelegantly phrased and somewhat off the mark, but it is closer to the fundamental question of immigration policy than anything I've heard from anybody yet.  And that question is "Does the USA have the right to decide who can come to this country or does any person, of any circumstance, have the right to come here regardless of what our laws say?"

We either do or do not, as a sovereign nation, have choices in regards to who comes here.  Then it is a question of how we make those choices.  All I hear from the left, is no, we do not have choices, everybody and anybody can come, and if you don't like it, you're a racist.